How come Icelanders are optimistic despite from all those downfalls? The Icelanders have been through a lot and if you look at their history, it is really a lot, have you noticed how many volcanoes surround the whole country? You could just imagine the great calamities they have faced when these volcanoes erupted, or the earthquakes they have to stand up with. The latest challenge that the Icelanders faced was the bankruptcy, but look at them, they are still smiling and as mentioned the problem of bankruptcy was treated as a challenge. The optimism that the Icelanders have in their system is quite so amazing, that makes them stand up to any downfall they will face through the years to come. Their country is full of volcanoes erupting every now and then as mentioned earlier but instead of them scared or packing their bags out of the country, they made the volcanoes tourism spots! And the earthquakes that resulted steams and geysers, frightened? No, yet another tourism spot added in their collection. Nature did got very angry and open up the ground with boiling water, what did the Icelanders say? Oh, another place to bath in. You see, Icelanders don’t cry over their spilled milk, instead they draw beautiful things with the milk on the table. You throw them anything and they will make something out of that. Lava field by the latest volcano eruption, seem like a useless spot? not really, because this means new hiking trail with otherworldly atmosphere have just been added in Iceland’s nature tours.

Dakota in Iceland


In 1973, there have been a plane crash in Solheimasandur, it is the American navy plane named Dakota or C-47 Sky Train. The crew survived miraculously but they have to leave the plane behind. The wreckage scene looked so dramatic that it looks like it is from a post apocalyptic zombie movie, you’ll get the creeps when you get too close. But what did the Icelanders made out of it? It is now a tourist spot which shows that again Icelanders are optimistic. And what’s amazing is that we all know for a fact that this is from a miserable crash yet the optimistic way of presenting the crash site makes the past situation awe-inspiring. You will even look forward to visit the place for curiosity.

The respect of the Icelanders with what have the creator brings them is what makes them wonderful people. If you ever deal with an Icelander, you need to braise yourself because they would be talking hours and hours about their nature. They are proud yet so humble.

Rainbow after each Rain


The scariest part of the Icelanders’ history is when they believed in witches and sorceries. They literally burn the witches back from the early age. But unlike the other countries which they actually even scared it would scar their country’s reputation, Icelanders even built a museum out of their history. They do embrace even the ugliest flaw they have which brings out the best of everything. How about the seldom criticism of whaling? When you will taste their delicacies it would probably give you a huge confusion if you are a Free Willy fan. It is not that Icelanders doesn’t care about the issues but they just treat the whole thing positively. And the cod war which is probably the most terrifying thing they have experienced, but they are still standing still with their fishing rods smiling, just kicking the past issues out of their system. For them, there is always rainbow after the rain… sometimes make the two rainbows! Nature’s way of recognizing that Icelanders are optimistic.

The beautiful thing about Iceland is not just because how their nature is otherworldly or they have artful yet innovative way to build things, it is the people that live here that make Iceland so beautiful. They would greet you with their seemingly angry accent but really they are the sweetest people you would ever extend your hands with. Icelanders are optimistic maybe because of the culture they have been sculpted with, the way they see things blends with their beautiful nature.