So you have been wandering around Iceland and trying the best food that Icelandic cuisine has to offer, but have you considered getting all “Fear Factor” and taste the Icelandic Braveheart meals? It may sound a little off with the foreigners that visits Iceland but every country do have their own exotic food and they call it their delicacies. Some travelers are here for the landscapes and the fun and exciting activities, so if you aren’t the type that goes travelling around the globe to taste the real deal of cuisine in your chosen destinations and skeptical to even try, you can turn the page or see this; Best Food in Iceland. But if you are ready to bring it on then keep on reading and find out Iceland’s delicacies or rather the Icelandic Braveheart meals, if you prefer that term.

Okay, before we begin to give you the list and go on trying them one by one, let me just give you a quote; “If you don’t like it, Don’t eat it!”. Yes, it isn’t proper for someone who is visiting ANY place, to go gagging and vomiting food when locals in this place are enjoying theirs.

The top 5 Icelandic Braveheart meals:

1. Mink Whale Meat – Before you attempt to even try, don’t watch “Free Willy” before you hit the restaurants serving this. Iceland is very active in whaling industry, but with proper license to do so. Unless you are ready to have an openly argument with the locals. Anyway, mink whale meat is served seared or raw, really depends on the chef. It is their comfort food.

2. Slatur sausages – These are sausages made from sheep’s blood or sheep’s liver. Iceland isn’t the only one with this delicacy as the Irish and the British have the same delicacy as well, they call it blood pudding.


3. Sheep Face – You hear that right. It is one of the Icelandic Braveheart meals. Now, not because it is not adorable in your plate doesn’t mean it is not enticing for the taste buds. Icelandic lambs are the best among any lambs as they are well fed with herbs and spices as they are growing. It is served singed or boiled.

4. Hakarl – This is putrefied cubes of shark. You can actually buy it in the meat section of the wet market around Iceland. It is really one of must try with Icelandic schnapps. They usually call it “Black Death” because if eaten raw, it can be poisonous. But again, don’t worry because the locals are too nice to kill you with their shark meat. They cure the meat for a long time and if it is well cured, that is the only time they sell it.

5. Head Cheese – No, it is not a cheese, don’t be fooled. But it is a meat jelly made with meat from the head of Icelandic sheep. And again with the sheep’s head. It is sometimes cured in lactic acid. In Europe this is their pride delicacy, but you can consider it one of the Icelandic Braveheart meals.


Other Icelandic Braveheart Meals:

There are other delicacies such as; Hrútspungar (Rams testicles), Horse meat, Skata (skate, an Icelandic fish), lundabaggi or sheep’s fat, harðfiskur (dried fish pieces), and Puffin, yes the bird. So that’s it the list of Icelandic Braveheart Meals.