The Icelandic Wonders Museum focuses on what makes Iceland a fantasy world from the ever famous Yule Lads, Elves and Trolls to Ghosts and then to Northern Lights.

Icelandic Yule Lads


There are 13 Icelandic Christmas Lads in Iceland. The folklore goes as the lads will join their mother in her cave one by one. On the first day it would be the naughty Stekkjastaur and so on… These Icelandic Yule lads are descended from the trolls, and sometimes they are called bogeymen. The parent trolls are Gryla and Leppaludi and they have a pet the Christmas cat. In the early times, these are being feared by most children. But as time goes by, these 13 Yuletide lads only do naughty things now or on other versions they are the ones giving gifts like the traditional Santa Claus. Want to learn more about them? They are all in the Icelandic Wonders Museum. Just make sure you don’t encounter that cat though.

Icelandic Trolls

Since Trolls are part of the ancient heritage of Scandinavian mythology, then you can also get to meet them here. The Icelandic Trolls are those of the usual strong, extremely huge and well, ugly, but what makes them special among other trolls is that they return favors for favors. They are the guardians of the mountains, caves and cliffs or “they are” the mountains, caves and cliffs if they have been petrified in the past. They are social too, but some are just allowed to come out during the night. So if you want to make friends with a troll, be sure to learn more about them here in this museum.

The Ghost Center (Icelandic Wonders Museum highlight)


This is the highlight of the museum as in this section they feature all the famous ghosts in Iceland. You can listen to the ghost stories via mp4 player which is provided upon entrance. They have this part where you can get a drink and enjoy the amazing view of the ocean as well but being watched by Brennivin-ghost.

Icelandic Elves

Iceland will not be Iceland if you won’t hear anything about elves. They are mentioned in both the sagas and the Eddas. Their size can be of a normal human being or smaller but still dresses like those of humans. They are the unseen. But if they like you they would reveal themselves. Like the trolls they can return favors with favors. But they can also hurt if being hurt. Here in Icelandic Wonders Museum, they can be properly described and if you are into getting to know the unseen, then you will most likely to love this part of the museum.

Northern Lights Experience


If you want to learn about northern lights, The Icelandic Wonders Museum can give you precise explanations as well as entertaining exhibitions about aurora borealis. The myth that surrounds them is also included. It is like everything you want to know is here.

The Souvenir Shop

After the tour in Icelandic Wonders Museum, be sure to check out their souvenir shop where you can find great range of everything Icelandic, from wools, books, and all the things that are in connection with trolls, elves, ghosts and northern lights.

The Icelandic Wonders Museum is located at: Hafnargata 9, 825, Stokkseyri