Lake Myvatn: A place filled with geothermal activity

Lake Myvatn is perhaps one of the most spectacular places in Iceland. It is an area that was forged by nature itself from years of geothermal explosions until it became a place of bizarre beauty. Tourists flock towards Lake Mytvatn because of its rich history and mesmerizing rock formations that will leave anyone speechless. Avid adventures can climb its many mountain peaks and explore the natural rock formations, Mellow tourists can spend their days exploring the surreal lava park with its unique rock formations towering above and delicately lovely flowers dotting the ground below.

The Origin of Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn
Lake Myvatn

mmmConsidered as the sixth largest island in Iceland the area of Lake Mytvatn occupies a range of 37 square kilometers while the lake itself is 277 meters above sea level with many islands and islets scattered over the lake.

The formation of the Lake was made from a collection of catastrophic events that had occurred during the past 10,000 years. At first the Lake was just a glacial wasteland until 3500 years ago when a violent eruption had thawed the surrounding areas immersing the slopes with lava and forming the base of Lake Myvatn. The area surrounding the lake was covered in black ash from which vegetation throve and flourished until a second eruption occurred again caused by the volcano Hekla where the whole area was then covered with white ash.

Throughout the ages the Myvatnssveit area has experienced several more eruptions from the the Myvatn fires from the years 1724-1729 and the Krafla eruption 1975-1984 and yet with every eruption it only brings out the natural beauty of the place. Its like mother nature itself is constantly decorating Lake Myvatn to suit her fancy.

Visitors who come to the Lake would never experience a dull moment, from the moment a person steps on the ground and sees its majestic beauty they are completely smitten.
Nature Enthusiasts can explore Namaskard an area brimming with geothermal activity, boiling mud pots, fumaroles and the vivid colors are enough to drain the batteries of a camera or phone. Tourists however must be warned not to get too close to the mud pots just to get better shots to avoid the risk of heat burns.

Another great place to visit is the Dettifoss waterfall which is the strongest waterfall in all of Europe. The power that radiates from the falls is enough to leave people hypnotized for hours.

Scholastic travelers who enjoy archeological discoveries can visit the gravesite near Baldursheimur where artifacts from Viking warriors were discovered in the year 1860.
For a day of romance couples can visit a beautiful little church near Skutustadir Myvatn which was built in 1856 besides craters created from lava formations.

Wildlife enthusiasts can frolic into the lake which contains an abundance of aquatic insects and aquatic creatures thanks to its nutrient-enriched waters. Water fowl enthusiasts can observe and chronicle the many species of ducks that thrive around the lake. As of this year there are 13 know species of ducks that nests in the lake, many of which came as far as Europe, Asia and North America. The annual duck migration begins in the last weeks of April until May. Common species of ducks that can be found there range from the tufted duck a specie that migrated to Iceland at the end of the 19th century and the greater scaup, a diving duck with glossy greenish heads and white wings.

Aside from its gorgeous views, visitors can also enjoy the many geothermal baths and hot springs that surround the lake. For those who want to experience a stimulating bath experience in Lake Mytvatn, come to the area in the winter and experience a relaxing bath surrounded by ice and snow. However weary travelers can also go to many of the local spa resorts with geothermal hot springs inside their facilities.

With so many remarkable destinations, Lake Mytvatn is something any traveler shouldn’t miss. Iceland is an extraordinary place and Lake Mytvatn is one of the places that makes it special.