Need help with booking your hotel?

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We go the extra mile! Most global websites selling hotel services all over the world do not have any local presence. We have in Reykjavik and we will simply do our job if you need help. We are also independent with no affiliation with any large hotel chains or other travel businesses. Send us your worries and we will do our best to answer it by simply going to the location, visit it in person, shoot a video and send you. Then if you like it we will help you book the stay. All at no extra cost for you.

1. We will try to understand your worries or questions you have

We will do our best to understand your worries or questions you have by email, skype or other ways of communicating. Simply best to send us your short description in the contact form below and we will follow up. Often the websites do not have good enough images of the room or do not give detailed enough information so we will try our best to help.

2. We go to the location in person

We will bike or drive to the location of the hotel if needed. Talk to the reception if needed and shoot videos if needed. It all depends on what needs to be observed. Most of the time these are some simple things like shooting couple of videos so travelers will have better understanding of the hotel before booking.

3. Send you our observation

We will send you what we observed by email and in the email we will have links to the videos we did or other material we believe is good to have for understanding the problem at hand.

4. Help you book the stay

We will then help you book the stay at the hotel if you are happy with the hotel. However if you are not we will help you find another one in the standard you want.

Tell us your worries or questions you have?

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