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For this Northern Lights tour, we will leave Reykjavik and drive to the best possible location for the lights. This will most likely be between 30 minutes to one hour outside of Reykjavik, away from the city lights. These locations are dictated by many conditions including weather, cloud coverage and light activity. We typically stop at one location and our expert guides will determine if its worth a wait or to move on according to the forecast. It’s truly a magnificent experience and Iceland is one of the more popular and reliable places to see the Aurora.

Leave the city lights behind in search of the multi-colored, magical lights in the sky! Watch the magical green whisks of light dance across the sky under a canopy of stars. If you are lucky you might spot a glimpse of purple, pink, red, white or blue. No sighting is ever the same as each time the lights are seen, they look and dance differently. The activity depends on many things from cloud condition and weather to atmosphere and strength of activity. This means that everyones experience is unique and truly magical.

Our tours are run in small groups so we can get off the beaten path and help you catch the lights by teaching you the best photography skills for your camera or phone.

You can also rent a tripod for that extra still shot! But don’t worry, our guide also takes a photo of you under the lights which you will receive, for free, the next day.

Whilst we wait for the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis, you can pass the time by gazing through our state of the art telescope. View millions of stars above your head, an experience on it’s own!

In the late evening, we will warm up with some homemade hot chocolate and a traditional Icelandic kleina. If no lights are seen by midnight then we may extend up to 60 minutes if our expert guides believe the chances are good.

After the viewing, we will load back into the jeep to make our way back to Reykjavik, normally a 30-45 minutes drive, arriving back between 1-2.00am.

Please note that the Northern Lights can only been seen on a clear winters night so wrap up warm. We recommend a wind and waterproof coat and hiking boots, sneakers/trainers.


Northern Lights Iceland is not liable for any loss, damage, accidents, injuries or sickness during it’s tours. This also applies for any changes in tour schedule due to weather, strikes, or any uncontrolled outside force. Northern Lights Iceland reserves the right to cancel, alter or postpone any tour for any reason. Please see our full terms for more details.


The most common questions for this tour.

We offer pickup within Reykjavik at your hotel/guesthouse.

Warm, layered winter clothing that is thick and preferably thermal. Wear a wind and waterproof coat and remember your hat, scarf and gloves.

This tour is scheduled to be 3 to 5 hours. This is dependent on weather and/or time spent at each stop.

Yes, it is advised you bring with you a camera to take photos of the beautiful dancing lights. If you are bringing a DSLR then we can teach you how to alter your cameras settings to work best for night photography. Please note that tripods are available to hire. You may be able to use your smartphone camera but your photographs will not be as good in quality.

Always protect your camera to prevent any breakage.

We will provide homemade hot chocolate and an Icelandic kleina (sweet treat) on the tour. You may also bring with you light refreshments to eat or drink.

You may rent, at an added cost, a tripod or warmer pads for your hands or feet (they’ll keep warm for 5 to 8 hours).

Tripod ISK 1,000

Warmer pads for hands ISK 500

Warmer pads for toes ISK 500

The Northern Lights are not easily predicted therefore can not be guaranteed. If you do not see the lights on the tour then you are welcome to join us again for free, subject to availability. Contact us for more details.

A Go/NoGo decision is made by our meteorology expert at 6:30pm the night of your tour. You will receive an email letting you know if the tour is going ahead. In case of cancellation, please check your email at 6.30pm and if the tour has been cancelled then you will be given a re-schedule or refund option.

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