Northern Lights in Iceland

If it has been your dream to see the northern lights in Iceland, Iceland is definitely one of the destinations you should consider.  The average intensity of the northern lights has been increasing since 2007 and was is predicted that the northern lights would be at the brightest level in 2012. That season was a good one but it seems like the lights aren´t decreasing as so far now, in 2015, we have had amazing shows since late August!

Northern Lights : 11 year solar cycle

It is said that the aurora displays are linked to an average 11-year solar cycle between Solar Maximum.  The last Solar Maximum seen was in 2000 and the northern lights iceland 2012 was very intense. Same goes for this year and hopefully the following years as well.

Why wait?

The cycles for the past years have been good and here in Iceland we have had amazing shows for the past years. It seems like it will continue at least we have had, so far, amazing lights in 2015 and the season lasts until mid April 2015! Don´t wait with fulfilling your dream to see the northern lights. We advice you to start planning sooner than later to make your dream come true!