The best time to see the northern lights in Iceland: He got heartbroken and wanted to escape. Went first to Sweden, talked to some people and ended up going to Iceland. Got some jeep, traveled far up to the north – all the way to the home of the northern lights in Iceland.


Iceland is a perfect place to hunt for the northern lights. When you want to hunt for the lights, you want to go as far north as possible. The best time is form beginning of September to the middle of April each year the sky is clear. Iceland is not only a great place to hunt for the lights, it is also a wonderful place to visit and experience the powerful and pure nature.

As you need darkness to see the lights, Iceland is a perfect spot as in winter we have very few hours of daylight, but in summer we however have 24 hours of daylight.

Iceland is actually located directly under the main concentration of the Northern Lights annulus – the socalled Great Belt..