Northern Lights Iceland forecast

Northern Lights Iceland forecast is always difficult to estimate due to its nature. Northern lights are resulting from solar storms so happening very high up in the atmosphere, so if there are clouds in the way you will not see anything.

Enjoy this great northern lights video from the professional photographer Olgeir Andresson.

Northern lights Iceland forecast: Long term play

It is also a longer term play – we have around 11 years long cycle for sunspot activity and other perturbations of the sun. However at the most favorable latitudes the lights are still likely to be seen even at solar storm minimum. The longer term play primarily affect the lower latitudes activities.

The most important seasons for seeing the Northern Lights are September and then in March – but also in October and April.  Scientists do not agree on why the lights peak at these months, but it is definitely real, not just an artifact of the weather or other viewing conditions for northern lights Iceland forecast

So prepare for a great trip to Iceland, but do not expect anything – seeing the northern lights should only be some nice bonus. There are so many other things to experience in Iceland. For example try out lobster at Stokkseyri restaurant or go for a natural pool experience close to Hellisheidi.

Northern lights iceland forecast: Time of the day

Timing can be any time of the day but obviously it is far better to see when dark – so anytime between 21 and until late in the morning is good time to see it. Most people say the peak time is around midnight. So doing any type of northern lights iceland forecast is highly difficult.