Collection of the best northern lights videos from Iceland

Our top pick even if it only has one shot with aurora borealis

Even if this is not a northern lights video, this video from Olafur Harldsson at Designing Reality is simply a beauty to watch. It is a amazing journey through the landscape in Iceland – follow the beam of light travelling through fjords, waterfalls & mountains. A real passing through of light as the name indicates.

Great northern lights video from Ozzo Photography

This northern lights video from Ozzo Photography is well done and gives a realistic view how the aurora looks when you see it in real life. Of course it is not always this bright but when it is at its best you can see it as it is in this video. They are using some still photographs too.

Great timelapse video from Kiddi Kristjans

Shot at various locations in Iceland this video shows how great time-lapse northern video are. In various shots Kiddi records the lights from a car passing by and you can see over how long time this video is recorded. Just to get a feeling for the time it takes.

Amazing real-time shot. Love it.

This is one of the best video you can find if you want to see it in a video how it looks in real life. This is not a time-lapse video and you can hear when they are talking so you know it is real. Amazing shot and they have been a bit lucky to get all these great shots – dont count on it but this is what can happen if you hit the right timing.

One more great northern lights video from Oli Har

Shot in March 2013 at Kleifarvatn in Iceland this video is simply amazing. Kleifarvatn is close to Reykjavik so travellers would not need to drive far away from the capital to get the same landscape and surroundings. It is a time-lapse northern lights video as you can see on the moving car lights.

Short but amazing time lapse video from Höfn in Hornarfirði, located in South Iceland. Anders has nicely positioned the camera close to a small hill near Höfn, so the video has a great framing. Would have been great if it was longer but for for some time we had some real blast. Seems like he has been using a nice professional camera but he has not disclosed which type he was using.

Amazing time lapse video from Enrique P. Pacheco

Enrique Pacheco has did this video in Iceland in many personal expeditions and workshops. He was using DSLR cameras, and shot most of the shots with 10-20 sec of exposition in between and ISO 1600 and 3200. He put the pictures together to make a consecutive scenes.