When you talk about weird and oddest places, Iceland will be on the top list because of the otherworldly place that this country has. But did you know that the natural places aren’t the only thing that’s unusual about Iceland? There are also some places where you can study elves and all those mythical creatures, meet Santa while he visits his home in Iceland, learn about sorcery and witchcraft and well, explore the manly organs of different species. It is indeed fun and amusing, only in Iceland.

Alfaskolinn – Elf School


Yes some Icelanders really take elves very, very seriously; in fact they have school purely dedicated to study of elves. Since there are some road crews who happens to even hire someone to determine whether a certain place or a boulder is elves solace, and if it is, they would just go around it to be able to not disturb the hidden folk’s home. There are just so many believers in Iceland and it is even higher that the average number of citizens. They entertain the thought that elves takes care of their nature that is why Iceland is still amazingly beautiful despite of climate changes and natural calamities. So with all of that, it is not really that surprising that there would be a school meant in studying the hidden folks as the Icelanders believe it is important to atleast know about their fellow inhabitants.

The school is located in Reykjavik. But asking around would not really do you much as some, even though elves believers, don’t really know where the school is exactly located. So to save your time or to save you from any embarrassment on asking around, here is the place’s address: Sidumuli 31, 108 Reykjavik. You can also email them at salo@salo.is

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Santa’s Icelandic Workshop


Santa does have his vacation homes to almost anywhere in the world. Since Iceland is a wonderful tourist spot, Santa wouldn’t want to miss it for the world as he has his own home right in Akureyri. I wonder what the other Yuletide Lads will will say if they found out about this. The merry Christmas in this place happens to be all year long. Even in summer you can go and explore or see what Santa’s elves (nope not the Icelandic elves) have been cooking for you. They sell a lot of cool Christmas stuff in there but it is more of a museum than a commercial from the inside.

Santa’s Icelandic Workshop is located at 7km from the city of Akureyri.Just follow the signs.

Strandagaldur – The museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Withcraft

Sorcery Museum Iceland

Calling all the Harry Potter fans… Not only Iceland believed in elves and trolls but also with witchcraft and sorcery. Iceland witches were traditionally males as for the female witches that is commonly thought, they are both executed with the same procedure of witch execution. The remembrance of the departed witches and sorcerers in this museum is quite shocking and detail in such horror. As you go along inside the museum you will get to know the spells and rituals on how to make someone invisible or even steal goat’s milk. The museum showcases collections of artifacts, animal skulls, and Icelandic magical staves. The most horrifying yet remarkable… but eerie piece that they have is the “necropants” It is actually a dried skin of a man from the waist down. It is said that this weirdest item brings caster of money. Another terrifying piece they have is the skeleton breaking from the floor. It is a reminder that sorcery and witchcraft is to be feared and not to be watched and adored in your local cinemas.

The museum is located at Hólmavíkurvegur, 510 Hólmavík. Certified to be one of the oddest places in Iceland.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum

If you use this photo, please link to www.CGPGrey.com for attribution.
If you use this photo, please link to www.CGPGrey.com for attribution.

It is the only one with its kind. Definitely. For those who are interested to see a huge collection of phallic specimen from different mammals, then you should visit The Icelandic Phallological Museum. There are atleast 283 penises and penile parts that belong to 93 various type or species. 55 of them are from different kinds of whale. The collection also includes legally claimed 4 penile specimens from Homo sapiens. It exercise the studies of male productive organs and not to titillate or to rate such specimens with mere green mind. Though this is one of the oddest places ever in Iceland.

The museum is located at Laugavegur 116, 105 Reykjavík.