One of Europe’s most eminent artistic events is Reykjavik Arts Festival. It is celebrated mid May of every year since 1970 and is the oldest yet the most respected event ever. Be there to witness the attractive and awe-inspiring display of arts in various ways. The streets of Reykjavik will be filled of all sorts of art projects and exhibitions from different participating countries and over 600 artists. They will showcase their arts with all known and even unique concepts in their most innovative ways. The festival will be colorful and magnificent which will blend with the city’s colorful aura. Music, arts display, theatres, and a lot more will be integrated together into a huge two week long program.
Reykjavik Arts Festival

History of Reykjavik Arts Festival


The festival began with the initiative of Vladimir Ashkenazy, a pianist-conductor, with the former festival name; North Atlantic Festival. He has been the honorary president and is a rotating presiding officer with the Minister of Culture and the Mayor of Reykjavik. Reykjavik Arts Festival has been a success from the very beginning with a box office income because of the innovative arts and folk culture display from the outstanding international artists that have been participating. It went huge as the festival awes people from all over the world and it doesn’t fail even until now. Years and years of sponsorship, collaboration and participation for Reykjavik Arts Festival has been proven to be huge success every time. Being there and witnessing the event is one of the most memorable things to ever bring back home. The Reykjavik Arts Festival program consists of range of concerts (classical, jazz, and other different genres), choral performances in sign language, opera theatre performances, dance and exhibitions, art displays, and so many more to even mention. The focus of the event is on Icelandic culture from the past up to the present. If you have adored Culture Night in Reykjavík and Airwaves, then you will certainly want to experience this wonderful event along with the several arts events around Iceland.

Reykjavik Arts Festival


Where exactly in Reykjavik is Reykjavik Arts Festival being held?


The Reykjavik Arts Festival doesn’t own any spaces; in fact it uses all the spaces from the theaters, concert and music halls, churches, art galleries and museums and even the streets. The performances can be witnessed in every corner of the city. There is public programming where people (locals and tourists) will have a taste of true arts. It stimulates the cultural activity and to offer locals as well as tourists to enjoy prestigious international arts and the aim is to increase on cultural related tourism. Iceland is not just famous for its breathtaking landscapes but also with its culture rich up bring. Experimental venues are the thrill of Reykjavik Arts Festival.
Reykjavik Arts Festival