The Icelandic Seal Center


When it comes to sea based amusement in Iceland, whale watching isn’t the only one which you will find entertaining, there is also seal watching and the adorable seals are just very easy to spot. If you want to know all about Iceland’s resident seals, then the best place to visit is The Icelandic Seal Center in Hvammstangi. The folks there really know what they are talking about from a certain breed to diseases to seal gestures. They are awesome! They can give you advices and get you acquainted with some people who offers tours that includes seal watching. They also have this museum where you can visit and read and look about facts and reals like stuffed seals and such.


Seal watching is indeed a very fascinating experience and there are several places where these beautiful creatures can be found. Catching an excellent photo of them is relatively easy, that is because seals are very curious animals; they can pose with their cutest eyes right at your chosen angle.


When you need to have this renewed perspective about life and nature, seal watching can be your ticket. It is an experience that will stick in your memory for a long time. Maybe it’s the seal’s eyes or their gestures or their cries. Nonetheless, seals are just too adorable to ignore.

Seal Watching at Vatnsnes Peninsula


Vatnsnes Peninsula has the largest and most accessible seal sanctuary all over Iceland. Phoca vitulina, the most common seal breed are seen up close and personal in this area. There are also facilities for seal watching; Illugastaðir, Svalbarð and Ósar. The ring road round Vatnsnes is passable all year, despite the road that are mostly dirt roads, it is about 90 km.


So this is another addition to your bucket list when you visit Iceland. And make sure you will bring a good lens camera before you go seal watching.