Live in Iceland… Live in a Wondrous Place


There are so many reasons why you would want to live in Iceland. From reading about it on blogs (which by the way it is most Icelanders ways to communicate with each other), Tourism websites and books, to watching the amazing scenery from a popular movie, you may have been slightly convinced in putting Iceland on one of the places you would want to migrate. Let us add up some few things to those overflowing reasons on why Iceland is the place to be. Some of you may find some few things on the note quite silly or even the locals may find it a bit crazy to even mention it here, just bear with it.

Knitting is actually taught in schools. I mean, with so many sheep, where would they make use of the wools if Icelanders don’t even know a thing or two about knitting. Plus the long winters definitely the justification for this action. And of course we want our next generation to be creative and to just slow down and look upon the traditional things rather than spending their entire time on social networking sites. Speaking of which, education by the way is affordable. Not only because they teach children how to knit, don’t let this whole knitting thing confuse you, but the affordable education comes to quality education as well. Iceland has 100% literacy rate. Most Universities do not require tuition fees, only registration fees and is open for anyone at any age. You might be a mother with children and you can still continue your education as long as you wish. That is the reason why children here in Iceland are so happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be? They are well taught in school and they have these beautiful scenery around them with lots of activities to do like horseback riding, swimming, well… knitting, and 50% off on candies on Saturdays. Yes, you heard that right. “Nammidagur” loose candy comes about 50% less on weekends. They also made teenagers part of the community. Almost all teenagers help out with summer projects like planting and taking care of the park and stuff like that. They got to have a salary too with doing just easy jobs. A very good education, even in summer we must say.

With happy children comes happy parents. Not only because they have children so well taught in school, but also they got to spend a generous parental leave… For both parents! And single parents are not being looked down, but very well accepted. This is because of the long tradition of single mothers all throughout history. Let us not again get this all wrong, it was in the history because most of the husbands in the early days were involved in fishing and hunting, which had more chance of, well, dying at a young age so thus leaving the mothers all on their own. So definitely the best place in the world for women. They have equality adopted in Iceland that, unsurprisingly, Iceland has the longest-serving female head of the state; Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. Politics, education, and employment, women had their way up.

Despite of all the benefits that women have in Iceland, of course the men are very well rewarded as well. With the same benefit as women receives, they also have the so-called “Husband’s day”. A time out from all the stress, with their wives buying them flowers and cooking them their most loved meal.

So with both parents happy in receiving their benefits just merely living in Iceland, produces happy workers. Instead of them being all tires up after work, they are even happier working and still have much time to enjoy their leisure time. That is why even in the polls, Iceland frequently tops on having the happiest workers. They respect each other and don’t have any grudges against their bosses or fellow workers. Now you might say, If they respect each other how come they call EVERYBODY on their first names? This is because of the Icelanders have patronyms rather than last names and partly because of the equality going on. You can even hear children calling their teachers by first name basis.

Respect. They have that in Iceland. Even to the gay communities. Same Sex marriage had been declared legal in this country. There are no bullies of any kind that the gays are very much scared of in other countries. Icelanders are very much happy with who they are and violence is really down to really minimum. That is the reason why the crime rate is way too low in this country.

The amusing yet amazing reason why you would want to live in Iceland is that they put their prisoners into rehabilitations instead of locking them away in jail (which by the way are just with minor law disrespect like thieves and such). The prisoners can either do paid work or they can attend school. They are all treated with a degree of humanity and in this way they encourage to change and develop themselves into a better person. Although they are detained into one population but a much of a difference than any other countries in the whole world.

And because of this low crime rate that Iceland has, you can leave your babies unattended outside restaurants. Okay, this must be shocking for all of you. But this is Iceland. It is their way of giving the babies fresh air and to allow uninterrupted time to eat. And no one ever dared to steal the babies.

And so those are the few things you would use to reason out whenever some folks, asks you why you want to live in Iceland.