Silfra in Þingvallavatn Lake


Silfra’s water is so clear that it is almost impossible to tell which is up and down, that is the weirdest thing about it. It is then advisable to go scuba diving with a tour guide to ensure safety. There are several tour operations that offer packages with Silfra experience added (Helli Diving). It is because this place is indeed a unique spot to dive into.

Silfra - Crack Between The Continents: Zero Gravity

The fact that there isn’t any murkiness in the water to tell the depth, it is like floating in the universe, the feeling seems endless. Although the fact is that you are just swimming in Iceland’s best diving place. But Silfra isn’t just one diving place, it has geological importance. You are actually and literally swimming between two continents. It is like being in two places at once. This is the place where the Euroasian and American geological plates collides. Well, they did meet and now setting apart about two centimeters per year. This builds up tension between the plates as well as affecting the mass above and causing major earthquakes every ten years. The cracks and fissures can be seen in Þingvellir where the Sifra fissure is located. Silfra is one of the examples of the tension that has built up over the years. It is now the largest cracks that started only with a deep cave, the water just nourished up from the under. As the tension heats up and resulting to great earthquake, the boulders, rocks and everything that is in between falls down the crack making it deeper and wider.


The geological crack is dividing Iceland down the center, that is why Iceland has the purest and clearest water in the world as it flows from the glaciers, that trickles down into the ground that already have been filtered by lava rocks. That is the amazing works of nature.


Scuba divers are totally attracted by the clear and well, it’s really freezing cold water as well as its highly rated location on Þingvallavatn Lake and its geological importance.The visibility of the water can be seen about 492 feet down below. It looks shallow at bird’s eye view, but it is actually deeper than you’ll ever go. And despite of the coldness of the water temperature , about 35 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, scuba divers has been exploring the fissure for years now with their specialized scuba suit. It takes breaks to warm up their hands and feet before they could go into the water again. The professional scuba divers divided Silfra into three portions. The Cathedral section, as they call it, is where you can visibly see the rift of the two continents. Followed by the hall and the Lagoon. The amazing experience of the scuba divers is defined as walking in space without being in space. The feeling of weightlessness and like flying when actually swimming gives justice to its description as one of the best place for diving destination.


Throughout the year, Silfra holds beauty and vivid colors underwater. During summer when the sun rays touch down right into the depths, it produces several colors. This happens because like how the crystals refract light and the rainbow appears, the very clear water receives the same result. The algae brighten up like luminous matter that adds up brightness and color underwater. During winter, the clear water stays as the snowflakes float on the surface. That is why Iceland tour isn’t complete without diving and getting the magnificent experience first hand in Silfra.