Breathtaking show at Hotel Ranga

Breathtaking show at Hotel Ranga

This great video shows us how the northern lights can been seen at the four star luxury resort Hotel Ranga in south Iceland. The amazing resort and dining hotel has been known for being the first hotel in Iceland offering a northern lights wake up service. It has become its trademark and of course for being a excellent location to actually see the northern lights.

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Why is Hotel Ranga such a great place to see the northern lights

For seeing the aurora borealis it is important to have no light pollution in the winter time. Hotel Ranga is located in a rural area in south Iceland. This means there is optimal conditions at the hotel to see the dancing lights at night. There is of course never any guarantee of seeing the northern lights, but if you stay couple of nights we have figured out there is fairly good change of experiencing this lovey phenomenon.

Special northern lights wake-up call service at Hotel Ranga

When you arrive at the hotel the staff asks you if you would like to have the special service of receiving a wake-up call if the northern lights appear. The staff is on the lookout for the lights in the evening and into the night. In addition the hotel supplies some helpful, guiding information about the Aurora for those interested in knowing more. Just dont forget warm clothes for your northern lights viewing as the winter nights can be cold in Iceland.