When being asked when the best time to visit Iceland by travelers, we tend to answer the question with another question; when are you planning to visit? You see, Iceland isn’t seasonal when it comes to what you can see or do, even in the long dark winter time you can do fun things and experience Iceland in a very different way. Usually, people will avoid getting into planes and visit some place that they think would freeze them to death, places where there is awfully lots of snow; Iceland makes no exception with this factor simply because of the misinterpretation of the country’s name. I mean, who would go in a place where there is always ice? Why would the travelers bother to wear layers and layers of jacket for a vacation? They would rather go to tropical places and sit under the sun, right? But then, Iceland, as mentioned in earlier posts, is not really that cold compared to other countries and did you know that there are special things you can see and do during winter in Iceland that you cannot possibly see and do during other seasons? In every season, Iceland offers something special, something worth visiting. So is winter the best time to visit Iceland? The answer is yet another question; what do you want to experience? Let us look at the each season to help you decide when will you like to book your flight. But I must warn you that after reading this, you might want to keep coming back every season…

Is summer the best time to visit Iceland?


If you are eyeing for that camp, then yes, summer is definitely the best time for you. Want to see the midnight sun? Then you are in the right spot as summer here in Iceland means more time and light for you to have fun. But warning, you might not know when the real time is to go to bed so constantly check on your clock. During summer, there are lots of festivals celebrated in Reykjavik. There’s Reykjavik Art Festival, Midnight Sun Run, International Viking Festival, Reykjavik Gay Pride and a lot more! With endless daytime to spend during summer, these festivals and events are really necessary to tire you down to sleep. Tourists are all over the place during this period meaning you will meet new friends and fellow travelers that you can exchange “itineraries” with. And in summer, expect the scenery to be more green and lush with lots of furry little lambs to smile with you with your photographs. And speaking of photographs, this is the best time to get those cameras rolling because the glaciers, are glistening with beauty from the sun’s rays. Pink sky and long summer days, go horseback riding and gallop around the wonderful valleys, the weather is perfect and not so unpredictable during summer in Iceland. Planning on Swimming? Why there are many places to go, swimming pools are open in every corner of wherever you are in Iceland.

Autumn, is it also the best time to visit Iceland? Why?


Autumn in Iceland is like getting yourself sliding through the rabbit hole, the places have turned otherworldly. The golden light, colorful scenery match the sun’s rays which is absolutely stunning! There are few people around so you can have some places all by yourself. Autumn is surprisingly good time to visit Iceland. It is because this is the time where the serene color of nature comes out and slowly descent into peaceful hibernation. Country sides during this season run numerous events which you can witness and participate with. Iceland Airwaves is celebrated during this season which is one of the most significant events in Iceland, covering on the third week of October; party spirited people will definitely go with this. Hotel and tour rates drops to 30 – 40 percent during this season plus the flights go more affordable. You don’t have to wait until winter to catch the spectacular Northern Lights as the season begins in September. Although, the chances could be around 70% yet it is still a high chance. Hotel Ranga is best known of its location and the best spot to catch the Northern Lights even in Autumn. During this season, you can still take advantages of visiting black sand beaches or go seal and whale watching which is not available as regularly during winter season in Iceland.

Winter must be the best time to visit Iceland


As you have read about the best things to do in Iceland during the other season then you must have decided to book your flights on summer or Autumn, but wait, there’s more! Seriously, winter in Iceland is different from all those seasons mentioned above. Remember what I’ve said about Autumn when it is starting to get otherworldly? Well, Iceland during winter is now otherworldly! The glaciers with pink, yellow and orange sunsets, the caves with stunning ice formations, the mountains and fields of snow, a truly winter wonderland! You’re feeling long lonely dark nights? No need to worry because in Iceland, there is no lonely nights (although, there are long dark nights), parties all over, Christmas time is something to look forward to, the lights and beers and oh where do I end to mention all those wonderful things to do and experience during winter here in Iceland. And ever wanted to catch that gorgeous light up in the sky? Now is your chance.

How about spring, is it the best time to visit Iceland as well?


So you want longer daytime but not as long as summer days, you want to do those things like camping, swimming and such but it is just too crowded for you, then springtime is the perfect time to visit Iceland then. Get your gears and go hiking, the smell of the air in spring is definitely fresher than you would even imagine. The botanical gardens are way more colorful than that in summer; flowers are blooming with butterflies and bees. But you might ask, if I can do almost anything like that in summertime, then I might as well visit during summer. I have to address that with this; it is not really that similar since it would be less crowded (for those who wants to enjoy their tour with less people), and the tours are more affordable too! This is like the normal state of Iceland where you can visit anywhere you like to visit because of the decent weather plus the prices goes down during this period, at least about 20 to 30 percent meaning you can have more budget for extra trips.

So when is really the best time to Visit Iceland?

As I told you earlier, Iceland brings out the best in each season. It is like no residue for this island, every season is perfect for something. If you are still confuse on when is the best time for you to visit the country, start by enumerating what you want to do and check out the other articles here on what are the best in your opinion and then by there you can identify which season do these places bloom the most. Are you eyeing on a particular event? Then check out their dates. Every season whether it is winter, spring, summer or autumn, you will feel that it is the best time to visit Iceland.