Want to go for a walk as you explore the history, cultural heritage and the amazing environment that the coastal town of Isafjordur is rich of? Then you can come right in and explore the majestic town that is nestled between Glacier Mountains of Iceland’s Westfjords. There are many tour operators who offers a walk tour around the town as the tour guides are dressed in a 19th century costume, the guide will take you to the slopes above Isafjordur. But just along the way you can visit several historical houses as well as stores which reflect the huge respect of Icelandic seafaring and fishing. You will learn about many stories from the past and tall stories which the Icelanders believed in for centuries now. As the story goes along you will visit the authentic settings on where the certain folk stories events took place. The spectacular pristine nature is what will wrap up the walk on your chosen tour. The fjord and the surrounding valleys have these breathtaking views which will complete your entire tour with the Isafjordur walk. But visiting Isafjordur isn’t only meant for that tour. When you visit Isafjordur during winter, the whole place changes from sunny valley to whoville as the snow covers the houses but builds up warmth inside them. The mysterious northern lights will mystify you and the atmosphere you will be in during winter in Isafjordur will be pure magic.


You want to see a really unique sight? Why the Dynjandi or Fjallfoss is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. It is made up of 7 waterfalls and each of them has its own name. The total height of the waterfalls is 100m and you can also camp near the waterfalls as there are several camp sites nearby.

What else should you do in Isafjordur?


You can camp in town and be enticed with the fish stew that one of the town’s restaurants called Tjoruhusid has to offer.

You can go for a boat tour in Ísafjarðardjúp and get ready to capture the lively sea life along the Westfjords.

The bakery in Isafjordur called Gamla Bakariio is probably one of the best in Iceland. They serve the fresh baked tasty breads that you might really want to get your teeth to sink on.

As you go with the Isafjordur walk tour you can also request to visit Isafjordur Cultural house where you can learn history and culture further.

Visit the Maritime Museums like the Osvor and West fjords maritime Museum.


Map of Isafjordur