During winter in Iceland, the sky is the darkest. The only things that glows are the stars in the sky, and the beautiful northern lights that brightens the horizon and the establishments setting the whole city alive. Locals and tourists can still entertain themselves even though the cold night bites them and makes everybody shiver, by the cozy bars, restaurants and coffee shops located all over the city.

Icelanders don’t recognize hibernation, instead they go out and mingle around while the sun is down. The frozen atmosphere is being ignored since behind every door there is glow and warmness. Nature’s way of relaxing the people are the thermal pools that can be found in almost any part of Iceland. Going outside during winter can also make you experience the out of this world display of lights in the sky, called Northern Lights. This is nature’s gift and wonder in Iceland. Both nature and Reykjavík’s nightlife can lure you to Iceland.

There are lots of establishments that offer a great time when staying in Reykjavík. The café’s are unconventional, restaurants are exceptional, and bars are dashing and stylish. They all offer comfortable yet frolic kind of experiences.

A few ideas


The Laundromat Café, where you can enjoy your cappuccinos and beer, the breathtaking panoramic view of the black lava and sparkling mountains proudly standing outside Reykjavík. You can hear several friendly locals that can haul you into their stories and histories about their country. Here, stores can mean anything from the facts to the myths. From the politics, heroes and the trolls. Yes, trolls and elves and other creatures that were believed existed, even today there are many locals who still believe they move around.
Fish Market and Dill present fine dining and meals that are prepared to perfection. Their menu includes puffin and minke whale appetizers and most Icelandic delicacies that can really make your taste buds experience pungent to the highest. Prikid, a bar that can take you to 1950’s, is also a great entertainer when staying in Reykjavík. Their D.J. and music can make your shivers to swaying. A bar and coffee shop at 101 Hotel gives you edge-cutting experience a more modern that Prikid. If you want to go and get it more crazy, you can visit Faktory. This is a high-wattage club where locals and tourists can get the party pumping! Now a diversion is Kaffe Koffin, a more friendly café where all family can enjoy their coffee and cakes. A different experience just like those diners in New York during Christmas. There are also great places to visit in Reykjavík, like the Dubliner and the Celtic Cross, both of them are Irish pubs where you can experience the Irish kind of way (or whatever that means) of relaxing and chilling out. Café Rosenberg, a place of mystery where you can experience jazz, rock and soul music and its interior is enchanting which can lure packs of guests every night. Næsti bar is the place for the famous and chic in Iceland.
When the Pond in the city center is frozen, you can go ice-skating among the ducks. A nice walk along the beach when the sun is going down around 5 pm is magical. Don´t forget a snow sleigh ride when it´s snowing but there are many good slopes in and around the center to go for a nice sleigh ride. Christmas is also a lovely time of the year as Icelanders get really festive and the center is nicely decorated.


Choosing where to stay in Reykjavík is really difficult in the sense that all of the places, the hotels and motels are definitely welcoming. You can find accommodations suitable for all budgets and most of them are central so you can explore the city center by foot. Local designers in Iceland are absolutely awe-inspiring. They tend to make the finest clothes and shoes for the Icelanders as well as visitors. There are several boutiques and shops just around the corner of Grettisgata where you can get their locally made items. Galleries, tourist shops, designer shops – you can find many beautifuil things in the city center in Reykjavik.

Visiting Reykjavík during winter will be a little off for some people but for everyone who knows how winter works in Iceland, you probably would want to book your flight as soon as the season starts. It´s really charming to visit Iceland in winter, experience the darkness, the Northern lights and during the Christmas holidays, Icelanders get really festive. Iceland in winter is worth the visit!