If you say Secret Garden then it must be so much of a magical and a wonderful place where different species of beautiful flowers bloom with butterflies and bees flying around in perfect harmony. The botanic garden in Akureyri isn’t really a secret but it does have these beautiful flowers where bees and butterflies are flying freely. The place is kind of magical because Iceland is known for places where lava fields, glaciers, caves, volcanoes and other unique not-from-this-world landscape.This garden brings out the perfect paradise or what we love to call “Ticket-back-to-Earth” feeling. You see, Iceland isn’t tropical like other islands in warm areas of the Earth. It is situated where Arctic climate makes everything fragile, especially the plants. Arctic vegetation usually grows relatively close to the ground. They are mostly dwarfs shrubs due to colder summer that cause the size, productivity, abundance and the variety of plants to decrease. That is why the botanic garden in Akureyri is very much of a magical place in the Arctic Zone because tall trees, variety of flowering plants and wild grasses are surviving the Arctic climate miraculously.


The abundance of different variety of flower species in the garden is blooming beautifully.
garden in Akureyri.


In 1912, the Public Park area was opened and the Botanical section was developed in 1957. For more than 100 years, the park and the garden have been the locals’ favorite getaway after the long dark nights of winter. The park has been expanded about three times since it was opened and now the area is almost 4 hectares.


The goal of building a park and garden in Akureyri has always been to provide northern Iceland greens and the people recreation but it did more than that. Trees, shrubs, and perennials filled the entire area that made the park and garden comes in with multipurpose use. Not only will it be just for recreation or to beautify northern Iceland now but as nursery for hardy plants, seed-exchange, for education (botanists exhibits information about some plants and trees) and for people, especially the tourists to be aware how fragile Iceland is.


The botanical garden has a wide variety of both local and foreign plants. There are new species that are added each year. The garden offers you a relaxing break from work, stress of daily life, because playing and just being in a peaceful public park that is not that crowded will definitely kick those stresses away. Where else would be the perfect place to spend time with your family but in the Public Park and botanic garden in Akureyri.


This flower bed consists of almost 20 flower species.


Did you notice how healthy the trees and shrubs grow in this area? it is amazing.


Tall trees are proudly standing despite of the harsh Arctic climate in Iceland. The garden in Akureyri is indeed a paradise.

Map to the public park and botanic garden in Akureyri.