When visiting Reykjavík and you want to make your whole trip as memorable and as exciting as possible. Here is a list that will give you a good idea what there is to see and do in and around Reykjavík. You can use it as your itinerary for your stay in Reykjavík.

1. Golden Circle Tour

Go for a the Golden Circle tour – The Golden Circle features memoirs of Iceland, geology and enchanting sight of nature. Tourists can have a marvel at greenest pastures, adorable farm animals and open churches at Þingvellir National Park. Since Þingvellir is located in between American and European plates, it has a great geographical prestige. Iceland’s largest lake the Þingvallavatn is one of the most clearest lake you will ever see. The Geysir area is truly amazing. Although the Geysir itself doesn´t function today the way it used to, the hot spring Strokkur, Geysir’s neighboring active hot spring, erupts regularty and shoots 15-30 m high. After you enjoyed Geysir and Strokkur’s exhibitions, you will drive for just about 10 minutes and Iceland’s most famous waterfall will be on your site. Gulfoss is a fascinating scenery, especially if you catch a rainbow on the horizon it is absolutely fantastic. Sites like the crater lake Kerið is also included in the Golden Circle.


2. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon – ever heard of it before? Nope not the movie but a massive geothermal spa in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula. About a 40 minutes drive from Reykjavík and you can swim in warm waters. Established in 1976 when construction workers and some passerby began bathing in it which was the idea of making it into a luxurious spa came from. It is well know for its healing powers but it is also heavenly just for relaxation. You really cannot visit Iceland without making a stop at the Blue Lagoon!


3. Northern Lights!

Check out the Northern Lights! – Northern Lights is a layman’s term for the Aurora Borealis or Polar Aurorae. It is nature’s own huge theatrical show of lights in the Northern Hemisphere. You can find many different types of Northern lights tours in Iceland – from budget bus tours, snowmobiling tours, boat tours, self drive, monster truck adventures to super jeep tours. Experiencing the northern lights dancing above you is simply magical! It´s something you can´t really describe with words, you have to experience it in person! However, please note that it´s only possible to spot the Northern lights between September and April. In May, June and July, and in the beginning of August, you experience 24 hour daylight!


4. Visit Local Glaciers

Explore Glaciers – You will appreciate the mystifying perspectives of the encompassing mountains and the astonishing chasm framework. Contingent upon the ice sheet conditions you can enter the tough and chaotic icefall where it plunges over the side of the latent mountain and down the ocean. Envision that, standing in a genuine ancient ice.

5. Icelandic Horses

Ride that Horse – The Icelandic horse is at the size of a pony but as strong as a mountain horse. You can rent a horse and have a horseback riding around the pasture. These horses are very well secured by the Icelanders and they prohibit importation of horses.


6. Whale Watching

Watch the Whales – The whales around Iceland surface and shows off their tricks. They often come very close to the boats and you also often spot dolphins jumping. Make sure to book a tour especially to witness the several of the 23 different breeds of whales to showcase their talents. It is truly amazing to see these gigantic animals in their natural environment and so up close!

7. Perlan

Visit The Pearl – Perlan is a famous landmark in Reykjavík where you can see a massive glass dome. The building stands 84.3 feet in height. You can go watch concerts in the winter garden and visit the viewing deck, visit the shops, museum and enjoy the magnificent view at the café.

8. Hofdi

Visit HÖFÐI – this is indeed an historical site where Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev had their meeting in 1986.

9. Dive or Snorkel in Silfra

Try Diving and Snorkeling – One of the best thing to do in Iceland actually. Needless to say that there are plenty of spots where you can enjoy such activity. Surprisingly, you can also go surfing in Iceland!

10. Hallgrimskirkja Church

Check out the view from the bell tower – If you want to do this then do this at the highest ever built church in Iceland, the Hallgrímskirkja church. It measures up 244 feet in height! Just make sure you aren’t afraid of heights before doing. The view is magnificent and don´t forget to bring your camera with you! The church itself is beautiful so we can easily recommend you pay it a visit!