Grafarkirkja – The oldest Turf Church


This is a small turf church that was built by Gisli Thorlaksson, a bishop from Holar in the 17th century. Guðmundur Guðmundsson, a well-known wood carver made the designs. The baroque carvings can still be seen and still so beautifully preserved. The church was deconsecrated in 1765. In 1950, the National Museum of Iceland reconstructed the whole church in its original form. The little Church is located south of Hofsós and northwest of Hólar.

Skalholt Turf Church


In 2011 the medieval church has to be reconstructed near Skalholt cathedral but was later moved in Þorláksbúðarfélagið due to the National Architectural Heritage Board decision. The construction of the church was finished in 2013 and the farmers nearby are the ones who looks out for the heritage. This is located at 801, Selfoss.

Geirsstadir Turf Church


This is church has been discovered in 1997 at farm Geirsstadir in county Hroarstunga. The reconstruction of the small church was made in 1999-2001. This church is right at the crossing opposite to farm Litlibakki, Hroarstunga district, Eastern Iceland, where the road takes you either to farm Husey in the east or to road 1 in the west.

Stong Turf Chapel


Arbaejarsafn Turf Church


This was an original church dated back in 1842 near the farm Silfrastaðir in Skagafjörður in northern Iceland. It was rebuilt in 1960 in Reykjavik. This turf Church is located at Árbæjarsafn Reykjavik, Iceland.

Nupsstadur Turf Chapel


This is the most noteworthy old building in Nupsstadur. It is believed that the chapel is mostly from the church built in 1650 that was abandoned in 1765. In 1930, they have rebuilt it into a turf chapel. This is located at Skaftarhreppur, Vik, Iceland.

Hofskirkja Turf Church


This was the last church to be ever built in old style. The church was built in 1884 and it is one of the few turf churches that are still standing. This Church is located at Hof, Skaftafell Iceland.

Vidimyri Turf Church


It is regarded as the finest turf church that was rebuilt. This is the purest example of the most wonderful keepsake of Icelandic architecture. Most of the timbers are originally from 1834 but the turfs have been renewed. It is standing right where it was originally built. Víðimýri is actually a farm in the township Skagafjördur in northern Iceland.