In the coastal town of Stykkisholmur, Vatnasafn also known as Library of Water is built from the great mind of Roni Horn. This has been a long-term project of Horn that reflects on his intimate involvement of the geography, geology, climate and culture of Iceland. The former library that erects on the hill which had a good overlooking view of the ocean and the town as well as houses the three related collections of water, weather and words.

What is Library of Water?


The amazing collection consists of 24 glass columns which contains carefully selected water that has been collected from ice of some of the major glaciers in Iceland, each of the columns does magic as when light hits them, it reflect and refract the light on the rubber floor where you can read some embedded words in English and Icelandic that relates to the weather from the inside or outside. A space for private reflection for visitors can also be found in the sculpture installation.

What else is inside the Library of Water building?


Inside a small side room, series of Roni Horn’s ongoing books that is made in made for Iceland. This is also a place to listen to a selection of people that talk about the weather. The interview of these people were made by Oddyn Eir Aervarsdottir, Uggi Aervarsson (an archeologist), and Aevar Kjartansson (a radio broadcaster). The interviews were conducted back in 2005 and lasted a year because there are over hundred people who were interviewed; they got to talk about the weather and their opinions on the weather in Iceland. This is a testimony that in Iceland, the weather is a great factor in Icelanders’ everyday life.

The lower floor of the Library of Water is for the private writers. Every year, the writers are invited to devote their months in the Library of Water to live and work there. There are many resident writers who willingly devote their time, some of them are Icelanders and the others are international writers.

The Library of Water has been commissioned and produced in 2007 by; The Ministry of Communications and the Icelandic Parliament, The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and Artangel with the Town of Stykkisholmur.

The Library of Water is located at: Bókhlöðustígur 17, Stykkisholmur and Breidafjordur, Iceland