Vigur is an awe-aspiring island, simply like paradise. Vigur, which means spear, is where you can take a gander on Icelandic past and exhibit how the Icelanders survived all these years by means of culturing their natural resources.They have been living simple and resourceful but still preserving what nature has given them. You won´t see a dump site with garbage and waste anywhere on the island, therefore birds and sea creatures together with the Icelanders are living in harmony.


One can enjoy several species of birds in the island. It is ideal to go on a boat tour to the island from the town of Isafjordur and see the birds fly freely. One of the most striking species is the Artic tern, despite they naturally fly very playfully over peoples head and even pecking them, they served as guardians of the Common Eider’s breeding ground. Common Eider are the ones who produce Eiderdown, a lavish item used in making expensive duvets. Though the Artic terns aren’t the only ones who protect the breeding grounds of the Common Eider, the locals even built a stone wall that provides shelter to the Common Eider. It was built about 200 years ago, and has been preserved and protected by the modern locals. If you visit Vigur, you have to bring along with your sticks which you need to held up high, the Artic terns tend to pick on the highest point of the person but still will get into your head and pecks you when they realize you are just cheating them. As funny it may seem, this is how it goes in Vigur. You need to be aware that Artic Terns are both aggressive and playful just like crows. There are also some popular bird species flying around and are residents of this island such as Puffins and the Black Guillemot. It is a great experience to watch the Puffins in their natural environment and take pictures. It is however necessary to follow a certain path as the puffins tend to dig in the ground to nest.

The attraction in Vigur don´t end with the birds. The island also showcases sea creatures such as seals which you can easily spot when visiting the shore of the Westfjords as well as old relics. Vigur Breiður, a two hundred years old eight rower’s boat that was used for fishing and carrying across merchandise and sheep. There is also an old windmill that was built in 1840, the one and only standing windmill in Iceland during its time and actually one of the first one ever built. The locals are great in preserving such artifacts. Icelanders are now bringing back windmills to generate electricity and it is bringing massive success. The smallest post office in Iceland is also located at Vigur as well.


The inhabitants in Vigur are hardworking and can live very well by means of using natural resources. Most of them were fishermen, farmers and they tend cattle and sheep for a living. Though still, at the moment, the locals are still simple living but have added some ways of uplifting the economy by means of tourism and gathering Eiderdown. Vigur is a very awe-aspiring island as mentioned earlier and the people are keeps and protect what they inhabited.

Daily tours are offered from Isafjordur to Vigur. Locals are very welcoming and you can ask them if you could transient for the night or set your tent on their property. The locals also entertain visitors and tour them around. So when you are planning to visit Vigur you can ask the folks at Isafjordur to assist you so they can contact the other locals living in Vigur to tour you around. The locals are the friendliest and warmest people who loves to showcase their place and are more than willing to tour you around, unless the weather is off. Safety comes first.