The only way to describe Iceland’s weather is this; It’s like a deck of cards faced down, you cannot predict what you will get unless you are David Blaine. Seriously, the weather in Iceland changes from time to time. It is unpredictable, so being prepared with proper clothing is very important. Though, despite of this bad reputation on weather in Iceland and despite of the fact that it is named “Ice” land, winter in Iceland is not as bad as it sounds. You see, there are many countries that have colder wintertime than Iceland and there are some areas that are darker during winter than in Iceland. So, Iceland definitely isn’t the worst country to spend the winter and visiting Iceland during wintertime is not the most unfavorable experience. In fact, there are lots of extraordinary things to see and experience in Iceland during winter. For example; the countless display of decorations Christmas season all over the city of Reykjavík (which by the way, Iceland celebrates Christmas in grand magnificence), the northern lights, and a full calendar of happenings and events! Winter in Iceland can truly be filled with excitement and adventures.

The weather in unpredictable


As mentioned before, you need to be dressed accordingly or properly. In other words, put on layers and layers of clothes when going outside and just strip them off when you feel a bit warmer. The weather can be as great as “Sunday morning” in the city of Reykjavík, but in Ísafjörður it would be freezing because of the bad weather. Or the other way around, it could be sunny in Isafjörður while it is windy and rainy in Reykjavík. You basically never now what to expect. To define weather in Iceland briefly: It might rain, it might snow, it might be perfectly sunny or it might be gloomy. So just be ready for the sudden change. This is how thrilling the weather is in Iceland.

Driving in winter


When it comes to moving around with cars, 4WD will come in handy in most situations with heavy snow but nonetheless, a car with good tires and breaks will usually do just fine. Checking on the Icelandic Road Administration website will also be a great help or you can ask assistance of the friendly locals. Also check the weather forecast as a blizzard might be on its way. In this way, you will not get stuck and freeze to death in some valleys where snow is heavy. Even though this is only a metaphor, there will always be someone who will pass where you get stuck as long as it’s not in the depth of a forest or in the peak of mountains (although, I believe there is no possible way a car would go that far or high unless you are hiking).

The Northern lights


During winter in Iceland, the sky is not always pitch black. There are times that the sky becomes as dark as night but will also brighten up eventually. During winter is the best time to gaze at the Northern Lights, just ask the locals on where will be the best spot to spend and wait for the splendid show to appear. Also “nights” in Reykjavík during winter are incredible with lots of events and places to party, especially during Christmas and New Year. Winter Lights Festival is just one of the most awaited event during winter in Iceland because it gives entertainment for the whole family with full packed activities and programs to look forward to. With lots of things to do who would ever want to know if it’s dark outside or the sun is shining brightly? Well, okay maybe you would as you would love to swim or to go sightseeing. You can still do that during winter time in Iceland, just make sure to check on the weather forecast first and you are good to go. Swimming? I tell you, with hot tubs everywhere and geothermal pools, swimming during winter in Iceland is actually very relaxing and enjoyable.