In winter, sunset is between 4 – 6 pm (differs from October – March), so after dinner you might wonder what there is to do. You might be surprised, but Reykjavík doesn´t fall asleep after dinner in winter. Here are a few ideas that might interest you.

Cafe Rosenberg


Cafe Rosenberg is located just off Laugavegur, the main street in Reykjavík. Centrally located but not as hectic as some places in the city can be. It is a live music venue that has something to offer every night after 9pm, from rock to jazz to poetry. Everyone should find something to their liking. You can go there for dinner as they offer good food and wine for a reasonable price, or just for a drink and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Cafe Rosenberg is popular among the locals so if you want to mingle with the locals, Rosenberg is a good choice.

See the Northern lights


Iceland is one of the best destinations in the world to see the Northern lights. Unfortunately they can never be guaranteed but if/when you see them, it is an experience of a lifetime. Many companies offer Northern lights evening tours. You can chose from a budget bus tour, a self drive to a super jeep tour. You can also go on a Northern lights boat tour and enjoy the aurora from sea.



In Reykjavík you can find many wonderful spas where you can relax and being pampered. One of them is Laugarspa in Laugardalur where they offer many different kinds of massages, saunas, hot tubs, beauty treatments and much more. In the same building you will find a great gym and the outdoor pool, Laugardalslaug. A great way to relax and enjoy an evening in Reykjavík.

Go swimming


Icelanders are known for their love for swimming. There are many great pools in the Reykjavík area and most of them are open until late in the evening (8 or 10 pm). Most pools are outdoors which is a part of the whole experience. To relax in one of the hot tubs or take a swim under the winter sky, is truly refreshing. If you are lucky, you might even get an aurora show to make the evening perfect! Here you will find further information about the pools, their location and opening hours. It´s really a must to go swimming during your stay in Iceland.

Take a walk


During winter, the pond in the city center is often frozen. It´s a popular place for the locals to go skating during winter. It´s fun to walk on the ice but if you decide to do so, please make sure it is thick enough so you won´t fall through! It is a lovely walk to take a stroll around the pond, especially on a still winter evening with freshly fallen snow.



If you want to see a movie, there are cinemas in Reykjavík and the surrounding areas. The one closest to the city center is Háskólabíó. Bio Paradis at Hverfisgata specializes in film from all over the world as well as older films. All movies in Iceland are shown in the original language (except for kids movies, they are shown both in Icelandic and the original language) but with subtitles. It´s always nice to relax and watch a good movie on a cold winter night.

Harpan Concert Hall


You can always find something interesting on the event calendar at Harpan Concert Hall. Whether it is a concert, a play, opera, comedy, a dance show or something else, one can usually find something interesting. For further information go to Harpan Concert Hall

Go Bowling


Keiluhöllin is located in Öskuhlið (close to Perlan/The Pearl) and Egilshöll (about 20 min drive from the city center). The one in Öskuhlíð (and closer to the city center) has great facilities for bowling, a restaurant, a Football Café and more. A good option for those who don´t want to sit down and relax after dinner.



Stofan is a cosy café at Ingolfstorg. It is popular among locals as it´s a nice place to sit down and have cup of coffee or a drink in a relaxing environment. It is like being in your grandmother’s kitchen, cozy and with family themed atmosphere. Once you enter the cafe, you would actually think you just entered a house of some very inviting family. The food is excellent and the coffee is brewed to perfection. If you happen to be in the neighborhood around noon, Stofan is a great place to grab a light lunch as they serve delicious soups daily.