Grocery Stores and Markets in Iceland


Many travelers are often concerned where they can bytheir grocery supply in Iceland. Although there are many of grocery stores scattered all around Iceland, some find them too expensive or rather out of their selection contents. Going to each of the places would be too time-consuming so we listed some stores for you to visit while you are in Iceland. Most stores have a great selection of goods, such as fresh fish & meat as well as fruits and vegetables.

Low-priced supermarkets


The Bonus supermarket chain operates around 30 grocery stores all over Iceland. The groceries are kept in simple shelves and giant fridges. They have the most affordable food items in Iceland and buying groceries in Bónus is a breeze with their huge selection of local and imported goods. No more awkward moments asking what kind of meat they are selling because of they label (in English) meat varieties. Their stores are open on weekdays and weekends. You can easily recognize the Bonus branches as their logo is a pink piggy bank with a yellow background.

Just like Bónus, you can get affordable groceries at Krónan supermarket. There are many supermarkets all over Iceland and their logo is a yellow smiling coin. They usually serve a huge healthy selection of groceries. They have non-gluten, no-preservatives and such. The stores are open on weekdays and weekends.

Nettó is also one of the most affordable grocery shop in Iceland and sells not only food items but some everyday stuffs as well. This is also known as the budget shop in Iceland because they do have the most affordable items especially on the fresh food selections. The stores are open on weekdays and weekends, and some stores are open 24 hours.

Medium-prices supermarkets


Víðir offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, not that affordable though but their products justify their price. When you are on a strict healthy diet, this is the place you would want to go to. They are open on weekdays and weekends.

Hagkaup supermarket is like a hypermarket similar to those you can find in most countries. They have other items such as cosmetics, clothes, toys and appliance prior to food selections. Although they are a bit more pricey than Bónus and Krónan, they are always open with staff that is friendly enough to serve you even in the middle of the night but many of the Hagkaup stores are open 24 hours. All of them are open on weekdays and weekends.

Kostur supermarket is privately owned and offers a lot of imported goods from the U.S. They are relatively affordable and they have novelty sections that you can really enjoy. The store is located in Kópavogur and is open on weekdays and weekends.

Nóatún supermarket chain in Reykjavík is has a great selection of groceries but it´s not the cheapest one you can choose. They offer hot meals at lunch which can be very convenient and at a reasonable price, but the rest is rather pricey. Their meat & fish counter is well known for a great selection.

Other supermarketsmelabud-stor

Melabúðin is one of a few stores in Reykjavík that are reminders of the times when little corner shops were all over town. They were and are privately owned with personal service and a unique charm. Just going there is an experience.

When you leave Reykjavík, you will see supermarkets that you don´t see in Reykjavík. Samkaup Úrval and Samkaup Strax are among those supermarkets. In the small villages out in the country you will find supermarkets of some sort and it is often a nice experience just to browse and mingle with the locals.