Welcome to Vintage Town

When you visit Iceland and you come to wonder where all the best vintage shops are located, then you will never get to wonder again because in Iceland you will find what they call the vintage town where you can get all the precious little treasures. They have high quality second hand stores and those half and half (vintage with new creations) stores where you can shop and will not hurt your fashion sense. Ever noticed the Icelanders’ fashion? Yes some are kooky but you must admit they are classy. That is because they find old clothes and put them on in a highly fashionable way. They tend to mix match as they go on with their everyday life with their adorable outfits, and if you have seen someone wearing a victorian style dress, you are not seeing a ghost from the past, the dress is probably an antique one that has been reused for a fashion statement. And yes, they don’t look even a bit ridiculous, in fact, you will find them very stylish. So let us get you some new wardrobe, err… some vintage clothes to fit in with the Iceland fashion craze.

Let us start from where it all started, the Hlemmur. This is the easiest vintage clothe shop to spot as it is located where busses and cars pass by. Believe me,if you ask about Hlemmur to a local, you will certainly get an answer with directions right away. This shop is located at the Grand Central station in Reykjavik and you will have to get there early as many Icelanders and tourist often visits the place.


Just across the street is Fatamarkaðurinn. In this shop, you can get vintage clothes and shoes at a very reasonable price. The store is not that alluring on the outside but don’t be fooled because once you are inside, manequins with high class vintage clothes are there to greet you. There are many goodies as you venture inside the store with friendly, not the manequins, but Icelanders to ready to assist you. They can even help you out if struggling from what fits your body frame. It’s like they know what you want even before you enter their shop.

Kassetta means (cassette tape), just walk a couple of blocks and you’ll reach the store. They have what we call the half and half and their clothes range doesn’t fall out of style as they tend to mix them with the latest fashion. It is like wearing something that is vintage but will still look like you came out of the latest edition of Vogue or something. They have things like lomo cameras which is so in with Instagram right now plus if you take a picture of yourself with it, it matches the vintage fashion you are wearing.

Finding where cute things are hidden? Besides the first three shops mentioned, Nostalgia is the best place for the title cutest. Even from the window, you can view the victorian style that is happening inside the store. It is indeed a very nice place both from the outside especially from the inside. You might want to check on your calendar if you are still on the same date as this shop will have to confuse you with its interior design as well as the clothes they display. The have Vinatage Kimonos which is their edge with all the vintage shops in the town.


So women has their hands with their Audrey Hepburn fashion sense, how about making the men looks like they came out of the Gatsby movie? Yes Spuutnik is the mother of all vintage here in Iceland. As they have ranges of affordable yet so fashionable clothes from women to men to children’s clothes. They have shoes to match up with your selected clothes. You’ll go crazy wanting to buy everything in the store. Fatamarkaðurinn is their side project outlet so you can really get a good price here in Spuutnik as well. A must visit place.

And so second hand may not sound as appealing to anyone it would just maybe struck you and will get yourself rummaging on other vintage outlets. But let us give this a second thinking as The Red Cross (not the health and emergency care) will take you to a new perspective with second hand clothes. They have the most incredible collections of clothes vintage and hip. It has been handpicked by the shop as the selections of clothes are really great. You can’t spell ugly in this shop but all beauty. Even the prices are generally affordable. They give discounts as well. But if I were you, paying in full will not hurt besides, you got to be reminded that hey, it’s the Red Cross.

Dótturflélagið is talking lovely! As their collection of half and half are really are overloaded with character. The employees are very willing to assist you with their friendliest and most endearing kind of way. It is like visiting a garage sale of one of your bestfriends. Plus if you brought your kids with you, there is this corner for them to play while you get into the wonderful pieces and clothes they have. It’s a very nice place to visit especially when you are with your mom or daughter. After all, the place means The Daughter Company.


Want to look fine? Like gorgeous fine? Are you going to a party where you need clothes to be formal at the same time to be a party dress? Don’t be left out as here in Rokk og Rosir you will find beautifully crafted clothes and girly vintage accessories. Although their prices are a bit higher than those other vintage shops, they have this sale going on oftentimes and if you get to avail it during your stay; you will be going home with a bag full of gorgeous looking dresses.

Then after strolling with all your bags full of vintages, you will find yourself in another interesting store, the Gyllti kötturinn. The designs in their collections are very worth the visit because if you think you’ve seen enough, wait till you reach this place. They have mixed of new, interesting designs and pure vintage which will make you want to spend few more hours to get through all of the stuffs and their shoes are way too lovely to be ignored.


And last but definitely not the least is Kolaporið. Not only will you get the whole concept of vintage in here but the concept of Iceland is here. From food to things, the prices are incredibly affordable. Your whole day wouldn’t be enough to get through the exciting things you can find in here. There are not only vintage things but antiques as well. Worth your time, I should say. So if you are searching for those vintage clothes in Iceland, get your feet and eyes ready as you will be ending in a vault full of it.