What Makes Iceland so Happy and Healthy?


In a nation that has almost straight darkness during winter, active volcanoes and has faced a lot of challenges including bankruptcy, you may wonder why are the people still very happy and healthy? The answers are seen on how the Icelanders live their life.

Respect for nature


Starting with their environment, Iceland has the most enchanting places all over the globe. They really know how to care and preserve their nature as there are so many beautiful places to visit in every part of Iceland. Waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes, active geysers, glaciers, mystic caves and a lot more! Name it, Iceland definitely has got it. When it comes to pollution, Icelanders might not even know of what pollution is since they don’t face that kind of problem in their home country. Unlike other countries where pollution is much higher than their natural resources, or black is more common than green! Water and air in Iceland are close to perfection. You can have a clean glass of water by just opening your faucet. You can bathe in clear hot springs that can both soothe your muscles and treat skin diseases. You can really go out for a walk and fresh air because air in Iceland is really fresh. You can smell the trees and leaves and grasses not the smoke or grease or awful waste products like in so many other countries. Iceland is like Garden of Eden but more modern. Icelanders respect their nature in a very serious manner. Like for example, they have a bird sanctuary that they forbids people to go there, not even to take a picture or documentaries. They are intended to leave some areas in Iceland for the birds and other entities they believed lived in those particular areas. You can say that Icelanders are really respectful especially regarding nature.
Their health is well cared by their government as well. Healthcare in Iceland really does reflect the cost of care and not the overloading unreasonably high amount of unknown fees in your bills like in other parts of the world. You can get pregnant and deliver in a decent hospital and will still have something saved to buy baby needs for the whole year. That is because the hospital fees aren’t that high in Iceland, prescription medicines are affordable, plus they can still get 80% of their salaries even under maternity or paternity leave and by the way, the leave is a total of nine months. Imagine the Icelanders having the happiest moment of their lives raising their baby and still getting paid.

A healthy diet


Icelanders reason of happiness isn’t only about their nature being preserved and long paid leave, but the fact that they are consuming healthy foods as well. They have greenhouses that don’t use pesticides in their fruits and vegetables. They eat mostly healthy foods like fish and lamb. Potatoes are also very common in Iceland as well as local diary products such as skyr. Fish are known to have a large amount of omega-3 and vitamin D that are natural happy pills. For centuries, Icelanders have taken cod liver oil (lýsi) with their breakfast and that´s something that continues from once generation to another. The fact that Icelanders are always smiling, makes them more sociable. Their friendliness builds connections to everybody around the small nation which adds up to their happiness as well.



Icelanders optimism is much adored besides their being superlatively happy. They don’t box themselves and tend to try new things and treat failures in a very positive manner. The best example is when they faced bankruptcy in 2008, looking at the nation now, a few years later. You won’t get a single trace of bankruptcy on them. They have modernized and organized city, their power supply is abundant as well as their food supply and so on. That is because the Icelanders are very cooperative and positive and they stood up as a whole nation and solved their problems in a very peaceful manner. I mean, they throw eggs and bang pots during rallies and protests, other countries would throw molotov and use guns and all for noises. You see, that is how peaceful Iceland is. They have the lowest crime rate with 1 to 2 per 100,000 ratios, and there are only 300,000 inhabitants in Iceland. You can see police officers without any guns and young children running around outside cafés. So what makes Icelanders happy and healthy? Their positive way of living.