Arctic Glacier Camp

When you think you’ve done it all, check again you might not have camp through glacier yet. Arctic Glacier Camp will give you the chance to experience it.

Arctic Glacier Camp one of the most unique tour in Iceland. When the weather is in favor with us, we will explore on off beaten tracks in South Iceland in a Super Jeep. Glacier experts will drive us safely to be able to reach the glacier camping site, we will deflate our Jeep tires to glide smoothly on the snow covered glacier. Witness the great the peaks and mountains as we pass by them.

On tent building, we would be needing everybody’s hand, as well as in preparing the food so please bear with everybody and give it a full teamwork. It will be like summer camp but instead of camping on greens or lakeside, we will camp on winter wonderland! When you camp from November to March, you will have a great chance of witnessing the mystifying Northern Lights.

After the unique camp experience, on the next day we will take you caving underneath a lava field. Glistening icicles of all unusual shapes and sizes, with lava formations on the cave walls and ceilings, those are just few of the surprises you will be seeing inside the cave. Arctic Glacier Camp is a Super Jeep tour that will not only take you camping on glaciers but will also let you explore lava tubes plus a lot more.