Welcome to Iceland'sNorthern Lights Paradise

Experience the aurora borealis dance in the 5 Million Star Hotel
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Welcome to Iceland'sNorthern Lights Paradise

Experience the aurora borealis dance in the 5 Million Star Hotel

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A sun storm

What are the northern lights?

For centuries we have been entranced by auroras. From what causes them, to what time they’ll appear, to what color they’ll be when they get here- the northern lights have continued to maintain a place of awe and mystery in our night skies. We can look back to the generations of ancient peoples who told countless folktales about what the northern lights might be made of, and what they might mean when they appear.

What messages might the deities be trying to send us? Since those days, scientific development has evolved out of that curiosity, and we have learned a few things about what truly causes them, and how best to measure their strength. We know more about what is happening in space, how it connects to us on Earth, even what layer of the atmosphere it’s all happening in. Despite all of this knowledge, the aurora continues to fascinate. It is easy to see where all the wonder comes from

In the winter

When can you see the northern lights?

The big question for us continues to be, what are the chances of seeing northern lights tonight? Or better yet, what are the chances of seeing northern lights in Iceland? (That question is on the tips of our tongues nearly every day during the northern lights season.)

The best place to start on that journey, is to figure out what months the northern lights happen in. In Iceland, there’s an entire half of the year where we are able to view auroral activity with the naked eye. But to optimize those chances, we use a northern lights forecast to narrow down the best times. Tools like these help us on our endless quest to chase the aurora, no matter where the adventure takes us.

In Iceland

Where can you see the northern lights?

Once you know how to find them, what are the best places to go? This is a question we talk about a lot with fellow hunters, because auroras are constantly moving, and there is no one perfect spot. This is great news, because it means you have a chance almost anywhere in Iceland. (You can even see northern lights from space, so you can start to imagine how vast the opportunities can be!)

When you’re looking for the best places in Iceland to make great northern light images, it’s important to think about clouds, solar activity, light pollution, and darkness. For the best northern lights images, you’ll want to bring along a tripod, and make sure there’s a cozy northern lights hotel nearby- because hunting for auroras is cold work.

Knowing the area and having some experience under your belt can be a help when you’re out there stargazing and trying to decipher a northern lights map. But don’t forget that there are many professionals out there as well that can give you a hand, especially if you’re crunched for time. We’ll share our favorite northern lights tours and northern lights vacation packages with you here, if you’re looking for a slightly more luxurious way to hunt. It sure can help to have a seasoned local guide on your team when you’re tracking a once in a lifetime experience.

(…So make sure you know what to pack! Or book one of those northern lights igloos to hide out in!)