Kleifarvatn Diving Tour

Graenvatn Ocean View
Kellir Lava Fields
Kleifarvatn Craters
Kleifarvatn Diver
Kleifarvatn Landscape
Kleifarvatn Rock Shore
Kleifarvatn Underwater
Kleifarvatn Volcanic Crater
Kleifarvatn Volcanic Sand
Krysuvik Lava Fields
Krysuvik Volcanic Mountains
Lake Graenvatn
Lake Kleifarvatn Beach
Mount Kellir
Seltun Geothermal mud
Seltun Mountain Steam
Seltun Mud bubbles
Seltun Volcanic Rock
Volcanic Mountains

Prometheus was filmed in Kleifarvatn because of its unique craters that is down to 97m deep with foul smelling gas and out of this world conditions, this place happened to be just few minutes away from Reykjavik. With Kleifarvatn Diving Tour, you can get to see amazing geologic features

Kleifarvatn Diving Tour is truly an otherwordly experience for everybody as we will take you to the Krysuvik volcanic zone and then underwater in Lake Kleifarvatn. This lake is the largest one located on the Reykjanes peninsula and the deepest lake in Iceland. Steam from underground is still visible by the lake’s border because of the earthquakes that shattered in the area back in 2000, which adds to the unearthly touch of the whole landscape. A place so strange yet so colorful is a well worth the tour. After diving in Kleifarvatn, we will take you to Seltun where you can continue witnessing geothermal phenomenas like mud pots, right yellow colored rocks and you can also plunge in the hot springs. Overall, this tour will give you live Geology as the earth’s natural chemistry changes right in front of you.

As a bookable extra, you can also visit the Blue Lagoon Spa for an exotic geothermal bathing, or you can go to an Off-Road Adventure. Just us know when scheduling a tour with us.