Skaftafell on Wheels


Depart from the busy city lights and noises and enter a serene almost paradise world! Skaftafell on Wheels brings you to off beathen track with amazing surroundings.

We will pedal along sands and glacier rivers, pass a glacier tongue and through the tallest birch forest of Iceland. This tour will give you extreme landscapes in every turn and stop overs at some of Icelander’s best kept secrets, their unspoiled nature! Pedal along Morsardalur valley we will see and experience firts hand the path left by the receding Morsarjokull glacier. Our destinations will be on the forest, you heard that right, forest in Iceland where trolls and outlaws formerly guards. Then we will have a short hike up to Vestragil where we can have a look see at a hot spring nearby.

National Park’s restrictions includes biking around for only a short amount of time, but as you explore by the given time you will however be learning about the natural history of the area from our friendly and informative guide, and the spectacular places we will visit will be worth the time!