Volcanic Veins & Blue Lagoon


Caving and Geothermal Pool Bathing in one tour! Volcanic Veins & Blue Lagoon will let you experience two of the most popular activities to do in Iceland.

Leidarendi cave is known by its unique lava formation as well as glistening icicles (icicles during winter only) and just a couple of minutes away from Reykjavik, you can satisfy your adventure craving. Crawl beneath the ancient lava field and discover the hidden world of oddly beautiful formations. These lava formations were formed thousands of years ago and holds a lot of mysterious stories as well. The name Leidarendi has a literal meaning phrase;”End of Journey”.

After the caving experience, you can either visit Blue Lagoon and have a therapeutic bath or we can drive you straight to the international airpot of Keflavik. But if you have choosen to continue the adventure to the famous Blue Lagoon, you will not be disappointed as this is a MUST-TRY activity in Iceland. The warm water that is a mixture of silica and sulphur that came from a geothermal plant nearby is rejuvenating! It can help heal certain skin diseases without you having to pass them to your fellow Blue Lagoon soakers.