Whale Watching from Husavik


Whale Watching in Husavik offers 97-99% of chance to see up close the stunning friendly giants, such as Minke Whales, Humpback whales as well as the adorable dolphins.

You will experience the traditional whale watching tour from Husavik, the whale watching capital of Europe. This will be a one of a kind adventure at sea, you will be able to witness the wonders of naturein the beautiful surroundings of Skjalfandi Bay and framed by the stunning mountains of Vik. Our roots lies here and where our ancestors live in peace and harmony for centuries now, together with the unpredictable and untamed nature of North Atlantic. We have more than 35 years of experience in the Bay so we will know exactly where the whales will be showing up next.

As we take you to the whale watching areas (only 30 minutes from Husavik), a tour guide and a naturalists will be conducting a presentation about whales and their natural habitat. Equipped with images, slides and other materials to properly educate you about these gentle giants.

This tour is perfect for those who travels with their kids as the whole family will be able to participate and have fun. The area is also very rich in birdlife such as puffins, arctic tern and such which serves as bonus for this trip.