Skiing in Iceland


Iceland is a land where winter adventures are at its finest. For those who wants to experience the fullest of their vacation, a combination of fun and excitement as well as relaxation and adventures, Iceland is an ideal destination. In Iceland you can find many great skiing resorts and each place has different functions and special features, but all do have in common to be a good place for winter fun and northern lights hunting.



Bláfjöll skiing area is probably the most talked about recreational place in Iceland. It is one of the best skiing areas and it is only within a 30 minute drive from Reykjavik. Since 1968, Bláfjöll Recreation and Ski Center has been considered the largest skiing area in Iceland. It has 11 lifts with 2 chair lifts and three lifts that are located in different areas of Bláfjöll. The lifts capacity is about 8,000 people per hour. Safety comes first in this Skiing Center as all the major slopes are well illuminated. They have service centers that can assist you in any of your needs as well as will be most glad to give you skiing lessons during weekends or you can request the friendly staff and book beforehand. They also offer equipments for rent. There are lodges owned by skiing clubs, the Ármann, Breiðablik and Fram, which can accommodate at least 100 skiers overnight. The ski season falls between mid of November up for the whole month of May and opening hours are both on weekdays and weekends, as long as weather allows.

Böggvisstaðafall in Dalvík


If you wanted to stay in a pleasant but not too rowded ski resort, then Dalvík Ski Resort would be a perfect choice. The town of Dalvík has produced successful ski athletes that have joined the Olympics, European Cups, World Cups and World Championships, not to mention the other international and national competitions that they have grabbed victory from. These are; Daníel Hilmarsson, Sveinn Brynjólfsson and Björgvin Björgvinsson. The Dalvík Ski Resort has direct access to 7 individual pistes which can be reached by three ski lifts. The lifts can carry up to 3,200 people per hour. Dalvík is a lovely village on the north coast of Iceland, about 30 – 40 minute drive from Akureyri.

Hlíðarfjall, Akureyri


Hlíðarfjall in Akureyri is on the north coast of Iceland. It is a great spot for all skiers from beginners to professionals. The slopes are well lit and cross-country skiing is also permitted. It has facilities such as toilets, cafeteria and shops, mountain restaurants and a ski lodge for those skiers who want to stay overnight. Akureyri, the second city in Iceland, has a vast entertainment from symphony orchestra to art museums, so after your skiing ventures you can visit the places in the city too. The resort’s operation is from; mid of December to last week of April and is open on weekdays and weekends, as long as weather allows. You can take a Ski bus from the airport to reach The Hlíðarfjall Resort.

Húsavík Skiing Area


Just situated near the town, Húsavík Skiing Area offers excellent cross-country skiing. There are different slopes for each required skill level of skiers at the Húsavík Mountain, from the lower slopes to steep and most challenging courses. The ski lift is located at Skálamelur just few steps from the town. Húsavík is a lovely town on the northern coast where you can find all sorts of activities, such as whale watching and it´s also an ideal place for the Northern lights.

Siglufjörður Skiing Area


Siglufjörður skiing area has been considered one of the best skiing areas in Iceland because of its ski slopes. There are three lifts available which carry skiers up reaching the slopes. The two disc lifts are combined about 1500 meters in length. The other lift is the highest, that vertically rises about 180 meters and can carry approximately 550 skiers per hour. The peak of the lift reaches about 650m above sea level. There is a ski lodge with great amenities for overnight skiers.

Skálafell Skiing Area


You can reach the Skálafell Skiing Area within an hour drive from Reykjavik. This is the best ski area for beginners as the slopes are not that steep and some locals offer skiing lessons to get beginners on their feet.

It goes without saying that the above mentioned ski resorts are open when weather allows as the weather in Iceland can be unpredictable. The resorts are one of the best you can find and enjoying a day in the mountains on a lovely sunny winter day, is heavenly!