If you want to see some very creepy stuff and it is made by nature, then visit a few of Iceland’s wonders. Iceland is full of amazing landscapes and unspoilt nature, but there are just some of them just merely eerie yet so captivating. Enter the world of fantasy… Come visit Iceland.

1. GEOLOGICAL RHINO – Hvítserkur


Hvítserkur is a mass of igneous rock formed like a rhinoceros. It is about 15 meters high and is located west of Hrútafjörður. It has been said by the old locals that Hvítserkur is a troll that planned to stone and destroy Þingeyrarklaustur cloister, but dawn came and he was petrified right on its spot because trolls are cursed to move and work only in the dark or during the night. The story went from ages to ages.

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2. A PURGATORY – Námaskarð


Before you go splashing some sacred water in this area, you must know that this is the only popular name of this place. Námaskarð is known for its volcanic clusters of bubbling mud pots. Fumaroles, the volcanic gasses and steam that comes out of the ground is what makes the place looks like hell is opening its gateway. But this place is so uniquely made by Mother Nature that it looks almost you are standing in another dimension.

3. UTOPIA – Flatey Island


Ever wondered where you can see a perfectly made places like it is a set of some movie that portrays perfection or Utopia? Here on Flatey Island, you can experience the simple and perfect life. Absence of noise and abuse of the today’s society. It is all harmony all over the place which can be outward creepy.

4. ROAD TO PERDITION – Road to Thingvellir National Park


When visiting Thingvellir National Park to view the wonderful landscapes in there during winter, you will notice the road so icy and black at the same time it is like driving to some place you don’t really want to go. It is like an endless road like you are having a nightmare. But despite of its eerie situation, when you view the place as a whole, you will see a wonderful scenery of white and blues. It is like the Snow Queen walked pass it. You will feel the bliss while engaging into the whole landscape.



It is like flying to another planet. It is a really out of this world scenery here at Hverir where crates and colored rocks. It has the most distinctive features that most of the geothermal sites in Iceland missed. High pressure steam vents, sulfur-coated boulders with smelly gas that hissed while it steams up into the clear sky. You might need sunglasses when you visit this place during Summer because the Sunlight brights up the place and would be so hard and painful to look at. One of the Creepiest yet Enchanting Places in Iceland.