Iceland is very focused with tourism so it very easy to spot souvenir shops around the country who sells those fancy Key chains, fridge magnets and trinkets, but if you want something rather unique souvenir from Iceland, then you can check out some shops that caters them. Almost every famous tourist destinations around Iceland has a souvenir shop. But we have to admit, we are kind of getting fed up with key chains or fridge magnets or not to mention the button pins. I mean, every traveler who travels around the world might have bought the same thing, just a different logo or flag of the country visited. So let’s get you to some unique souvenir shops who sell some really worth it Icelandic souvenirs.


1. Lundinn – Also known as “The puffin”. If you want to take not only the photos of these colorful beaked feathered friends from Iceland’s highland, then get yourself a really cool stuffed toy. And no they aren’t the taxidermy birds, but the huggable ones with cotton and all.

2. Minja (Skólavörðustígur 12, Reykjavík)– This shop had these excellent looking, but faux puffins. They do look like real stuffed birds, but actually they’re not. Also, they have all you need for your home and body.

3. Hrim (Hof, Strandgata 12, Akureyri)– If you want to buy your significant other some jewelry, then this shop is for you. They a unique Icelandic souvenir. Also have these locally woolen blankets that make your souvenir special because it has a personal touch by the Icelanders.

4. Sirka – Every Icelandic design are featured here. A perfect gift shop for everybody who wants to take home not just souvenirs, but useful stuff as well.

5. Myrin (Skipagata 5, Akureyri)– Accessories, ceramics, books and artworks! Everything is Icelandic designed. Whenever you need something so Icelandic then you do need to head to this shop. It is definitely worth it.

6. Fotografi (Skólavörðustígur 22, Reykjavík)– When you are a sucker of pictures old and new, then this shop is the place to be. Prints by Icelandic photographers, postcards that are old and charming, even an old camera, they are all available here. The photography books that they sell have photos of all the wonderful places in Iceland and are quite detailed and angled at their best.

7. Kirssuberjated (Vesturgata 4, Reykjavík)– Another shop that sells useful things for your home. They are all handmade so whenever you buy ceramics or glasses for your home, you will remember the Icelanders who laid their hands down for it to be created carefully and beautifully.

8. Alafoss (Alafossvegur 23, Mosfellsbaer)– This shop is popular because of the handicrafts stalls all over the store building. This helps out the local handicraft producers and a great way to grab some really good kind of lopapeysa, an Icelandic wool sweater, articulately made and sure that will represent Iceland. They also sell some cute figurines of elves and miniature Icelanders.

9. The Viking (Hafnarstræti 3 and Laugavegur 1, Reykjavik) – All of those specialties above, The Viking covers them all. This shop offers common souvenirs to unique Icelandic souvenirs. And they have warm good quality wool sweaters that will be useful for your sightseeing around Iceland.

10. Kolaportid market (19, 101 Reykjavik)– Want to get all those stuff but you are in a great budget? Fear not for your pocket as in this market, you can find great deals and great prices. They aren’t cheap because when you say cheap it is kind of off for most like the quality or something, the products here are mostly locally produced but with high quality. Go to a thrift shop in Kolaportid market and you’ll definitely find some great finds to take home with.


Unique Icelandic Souvenirs to Buy

Here is the list for you not to miss some great finds, but you can always find some unique souvenirs of your taste in the shops below. But to give you a heads up what you will exactly find in most of the mentioned shops. If not displayed, feel free to ask the shop owners or managers if they have them, the items might just be lying in their store room, or if they really don’t have one you can ask them where you can find some of this items;

1. Lava Rock Jewelry – rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They are all made with rounded black rock from the volcanic eruption.

2. Icelandic woolen goods – the ones made by the Icelandic housewives are the best kind.

3. Viking Beer glasses – they can be quite heavy so just take a mug or two.

4. Blue Lagoon beauty products – These have silica on them that is a rejuvenating element. If you are on a budget, you can bring a small container with you when you visit Blue Lagoon and just scoop out some silica for you to take back home.

5. Icelandic hot dog mustard – It is the best thing ever made. Enough said.

6. Puffin stuffed toy – If Aussie have those jumping kangaroos and Americans have their eagles then we have these cute little feathered friends. It is one of unique Icelandic Souvenir.