Expert on the northern lights in Iceland


Robert S. Robertsson is our expert for the northern lights in Iceland. He is the owner of this northern lights website and has written most of the northern lights articles on the site. He is born in the southern part of Iceland and has lived in Iceland for over 27 years – and knows about all the local gems and has first hand experience of most of the tours and activities available.
He can help you with booking the right tour, finding the right hotel and simply give you answers on where it is best to see it and e.g. when in the year and all the questions that come up when planning at trip to Iceland to see them.

How can he help?

He can help you with booking activities in his area of expertise – anything in relation to northern lights viewing and planing your trip to Iceland. This can be e.g. when best to see the lights, where to stay, which tours to do and so forth. His local advises are free of charge for the traveler.

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