Northern lights on the Arctic Circle

Stay at a Icelandic farm, Bjarnargil, far in the north Iceland & enjoy hiking to nearby mountains, try out the amazing out-door swimming pool at Hofsos and so much more

Staying at Bjarnargil – a farm accomodation offered by Farm Holidays – is a great selection if you want to experience the northern part of Iceland and the infamous Skagafjörður with beautiful mountain surrounding while you wait for the Iceland northern lights to show up. Close to Bjarnargil in Fljótum we have the out-door swimming pool in Hofsos a well known for its amazing view. See here.

Iceland northern lights

What is great with this location for your northern lights tour?

Staying outside of the main cities e.g. Reykjavik while waiting for the northern lights to show up is wise because you dont need to worry about any light pollution. In Bjarnargil, Fljotum, you dont need to worry about any light pollution at all and you can easily walk up to some of the mountains to have a better view. In case they don´t show up for some days then you have many activities in Skagafjordur to enjoy, from horse riding, laying in the swimming pool at Hofsos, take a quick tour to the closest fishing villages – just to name few activities you could do. Below you see some photos from Bjarnargil and surrounding.

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