Limited availability. Only 9 bubbles.


Limited availability. Only 9 bubbles.

A snapshot of your overnight experience: 

Our local guide will collect you at 12:00 (PM) from a location of your choice in Reykjavik. After exploring the treasures of the Golden Circle region and spending an unforgettable night in one of our private Bubbles, you will be collected again at your Bubble at 8:30 (AM) the next morning, arriving back in Reykjavik around 10:30 (AM). This gives you plenty of time to catch some brunch and enjoy the world’s northernmost capital city. All timing is subject to change on this tour, and due to our small group size, each experience will be different.


See where the continental plates diverge during a 45 minute stop in this beloved national park.


Spend 45 minutes at the explosive Geysir hot spring, and witness Iceland’s geothermal power first hand!


Enjoy a 45 minute stop at Gullfoss, a thundering waterfall with a colorful past..


After a day of adventure, it’s time to unwind. Take an hour to soak in a natural hot spring, so you can dream away beneath the stars.


Your final stop will be at our quiet Bubble grove. Enjoy your night here, and we will be back to collect you in the morning.


We begin the tour with a stop at the historic Thingvellir National Park. A UNESCO world heritage site, and a treat for history buffs- this is the original meeting place of the world’s longest running parliament, founded in 930 AD. In fact, that is what Thingvellir means- assembly fields, or, “parliament” fields.

But this isn’t just a history stop. Thingvellir has been a protected geological site since 1928, and is one of the few places on Earth where you can observe a continental drift valley on land between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.


Our next stop brings us to the famous Geysir hot spring area, in a geothermal valley called Haukadalur.

Here you’ll witness the most active geyser, Strokkur, which erupts every 5-7 minutes. Formed in an earthquake in 1789, the spectacle of this area has entertained visitors for centuries,

enough to give the world the word “geyser” to describe it!

Flex your photography skills on this stop and see if you can snap an action shot of the eruption in each of its stages. It’s fast, but if you’re paying attention you can see the colorful half bubble rising up from the 

ground before the superheated water creates a frothy white column, nearly 15-30m. (60-90ft.) into the air!

And while you’re here, don’t  forget to walk around. The area is home to many geothermal features, including the quieter Blesi and Fata twin geysers, and Konungshver, named after the Danish King Christian IX- a reminder of Iceland’s storied past.


The next stop on our tour is Gullfoss Waterfall, one of the most famous natural treasures of southern Iceland. 

Fed by the river Hvítá, it forms a breathtaking three-step “staircase” cascade and is 

believed to have been formed by glacial outbursts long ago.

We’ll take you down the western side of the falls so you can hear and see up close what 140 cubic meters per second (80 in winter) of water looks like. It is an incredible feeling to 

be so close to the power of nature.

When we arrive at this stop, you’ll hear Gullfoss before you see her- and when she finally surfaces, the edge cannot be seen- so it looks as if the Earth is simply absorbing the falls. It is a sight to behold.


After the thunder of Gullfoss, we find ourselves arriving at calmer waters. This oasis is known by locals as “The Secret lagoon” in Flúðir. This lagoon is a natural hot spring, and is considered by many to be the oldest ‘swimming pool’ in Iceland, after some improvements made in 1891. In fact, many Icelanders in the area were taught to swim here!

The balmy waters of the lagoon stay around 38-40°C (100-104°F) throughout the year, whether you visit us

during the Midnight Sun in the summer, or during the snowy auroral winter.

Take time to enjoy the dramatic landscape, to explore the geysers and geothermal areas that heat the lagoon, and the nearby greenhouses that are warmed by them year round. 

We’ll spend an hour here to soak away the stiffness of the day, in preparation for a peaceful  night among the trees.


We end the day at your very own Bubble, for an overnight rest in an Icelandic forest. All of our Bubbles are transparent, so keep your eyes peeled for a show! If the northern lights come out to dance, you have the best seat in the house.

All of our Bubbles are exactly the same, and are hidden away in their own enclaves in the forest. We’ll show you to yours, and leave you to enjoy the deep peace of the woods, the vastness of the sky, and the closeness of pure Icelandic nature.

All of our Bubbles are within a few moments of our service house, which contains two toilets, two showers, and a self-service kitchen.

And when you’ve awakened, we’ll be waiting to take you back. 

Included in this tour: 


  • English speaking local guide
  • Suburban luxury SUV or similar
  • One Entry ticket per person to the Secret Lagoon
  • One night in a Bubble (2 adults per Bubble) 
  • free pickup & drop off in Reykjavik

There is a maximum allowance of 6 persons per tour, in order to keep experiences intimate.


The availability of this tour is based on the availability of the Bubble accommodations. We have 9 fully transparent Bubble accommodations for this tour location, and we recommend booking a few months in advance to avoid being unable to secure your preferred dates.

Solo Traveler Fee

For guests traveling alone, there is a solo traveler fee built into our calendar. This fee is required for all guests choosing to book as one person.

Not included in your experience

No meals or food are included in the tour price. Snacks and drinks can be purchased at some tour stops, and the guide will make one official dinner stop on the evening of the tour where guests may purchase a meal. There are also specialty packages that you can add on to your booking, if you would like to ensure that there are snacks and/or drinks waiting for you in your Bubble. Please contact us for additional information, or see our FAQ. 

Please also note that restaurant locations and options are subject to change. 

Bubble types and sizes

We have 9 fully transparent Bubble accommodations at this location. All tour guests will receive the same type of Bubble, with one double sized bed for 2 adults. 


The booking price is ISK 59.900 per person (around USD 465/ Euro 399 per person. International currency rates may fluctuate.)

Travel like a diplomat

Hop on board one of our new Suburban SUVs and ride in style! These vehicles are the transport of choice for politicians and celebrities around the globe, so there was no question when it came to securing the smoothest ride. You’ll be covering a lot of ground on this trip, so we wanted to make sure it was as comfortable as possible.

There are 6 seats available per vehicle, so we can accommodate a maximum of 18 passengers for our 9 Bubble accommodations each day.

What about the snacks? Add a specialty package to your tour

Celebrating something special? Know you’re going to be looking for nibbles late at night? We’ve got your covered.

Check out these local product specialty packages, and make sure to secure your favorite in the booking process. We’ll have it set up and waiting for you.

Easy going

Looking for a little sparkle after a long day? Try these non-alcoholic sparkling teas. We will have them waiting for you in a cooler, on the leather chest in your Bubble.

Price: 4,500 ISK

A little treat

Lean into the luxury and leave your future self a little treat. With this package, we’ll lay out a fresh cheese plate, with an accompaniment of crackers, crisps, and grapes. 

You’ll also receive a gift of six 330ml bottles of local craft beer from Ölvisholt Brewery next door, chilled and waiting for you on the leather chest in your Bubble. 

Price: 10,000 ISK

Special moments

Especially for moments of celebration, add our romantic rose petal turndown service to your Bubble stay for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. 

We’ll have strawberries, grapes, and a complimentary bottle of chilled Prosecco waiting in a cooler on the leather chest in your accommodation- because who doesn’t need some Bubbly in the Bubble?

Price: 15,000 ISK

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For guests traveling alone, there is a solo traveler fee built into our calendar. This fee is required for all guests choosing to book as one person.