Top 5 restaurants in Reykjavik

Editor’s choice – Our Recommendations


1. Steikhúsið – Tryggvagötu 34 – map

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The Steakhouse is known for – you guessed it – great steaks. There’s plenty on offer here for carnivores, including lamb, beef, and fish, all cooked to order on the open coal fire. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the Steak House also offers puffin and whale. Not only that, but there’s an extensive wine menu and delicious desserts and coffees to finish off your meal with – if your steak dinner wasn’t quite enough.
What we love: You’ll find the Steak House busy every day of the week with tourists and locals alike – in fact, we recommend booking in advance to avoid missing out on a delicious steak dinner. We think the Steak House is the perfect place to relax after a busy day of working or exploring Reykjavik, and where better to do it than right next to the harbour?
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2. Kopar – Geirsgata 3 (Old Harbour) – map

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Kopar is the perfect destination for seafood. After all, there’s plenty of seafood to try here in Reykjavik, so why not try it at this charming restaurant down by the harbour? The cosy décor and view of the docks means that you’ll never want to leave. Good thing they have a well-stocked bar with plenty of wine and Icelandic beer to choose from, then.
What we love: Kopar also offers a special 9-course Icelandic tasting menu, which is exactly what you think it is! It’s extremely popular with tourists looking to sample a bit of everything – scallops, catfish, lamb, just to name a few. If that’s a bit too adventurous, you can opt for more traditional fish and meat dishes instead. You’ll need to find out what else is on the menu by making a reservation and checking it out for yourself.
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3. Tapas Barinn – Fishersund – map

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Tapas Barinn really is a must-try for visitors to Reykjavik. It has a great reputation and is known for their special tasting menu of “Icelandic Tapas” – it sounds crazy, and it is! Their Icelandic Tapas may seem intimidating, but the seven-course meal is brought out to you as and when it’s cooked. Don’t be surprised if Minke whale immediately follows your puffin course! It’s the perfect way to sample some of Iceland’s best dishes at a reasonable cost – and it’s even followed by a shot of special Icelandic vodka.
What we love:Of course, Tapas Barinn has more to offer than just their tapas menu, so if seven courses sounds like a little too much for you, there’s plenty more to choose from. Tapas Barinn is busy seven days of the week and is a local favourite; so don’t be surprised if the place really gets lively later in the evening. Stick around after your meal and try some of the popular cocktails as you soak up the atmosphere.
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4. Mar – Geirsgata 9 (Old Harbour) – map

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Looking for somewhere to grab a light seafood lunch? Mar is the place to be for a bowl of their popular seafood soup – it really hits the spot on a cold day. Even if it is a little cold outside, you’ll still want to sit outdoors and take in the view of the harbour and watch the world go by. Mar specialises in seafood but they also offer some amazing desserts and coffee, so try not to eat too much – you don’t want to miss out on those!
What we love: Did you know – Mar are whale and dolphin friendly and have signed up to the ethical treatment of these great animals. Isn’t that brilliant? Mar are just around the corner from the whale watching boats, so if you’ve just stepped back on shore, this is the perfect place to eat.
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5. Kol – Skólavörðustíg 40 – map

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Reykjavik has plenty of seafood restaurants to choose from, but Kol is a little bit different. Kol offer a small but perfectly formed menu of some great dishes, such as charred salmon, risotto, duck confit, and beef tenderloin. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you might want to opt for the tasting menu instead, and then you can try the very best of what Kol has to offer. Follow it up with their traditional pancakes for dessert and you’ve got yourself an amazing dinner to remember!
What we love: Not only will you love the food, but the décor is something special too. The design is a mixture of classic Icelandic style with an international twist, but don’t take our word for it – go and see it for yourself! Stick around in this stylish bar after you’ve finished your meal and try a few of their cocktails and you’ll see why they’re so popular.
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