1. Spaksmannsspjarir – Bankastræti 11 – map

Spaksmannsspjarir means „Wise Man´s Clothing“ in Icelandic and they are truly dedicated in designing for the intellectual women from all over the world. They make unique clothes that can be worn for years. The clothes are not trend-based, rather sustainable fashion with high quality. The designer is inspired by the Icelandic nature and environment and the colours and textures are simply magical – just as the Icelandic landscape. The clothes are made to work well together, so it should be easy to mix, match and play with pieces from previous collections.

Click here for their homepage: Spaksmannsspjarir

2. Needs to be updated Kraum – Laugavegur 18b – map

Kraum is a gorgeous Icelandic design hub and retail outlet. It is located in the house of Skuli Magnusson, dated back to 1752 and is the oldest building still standing in the city centre. More than 200 designers are contributing to this leading Icelandic design hub in Reykjavik. You can find a must-see products you cant find anywhere else in the world – from woollen lamps, handbags, raincoats, knitwear, glass wear, children´s puzzles, ceramic pieces to exquisite jewellery. Skuli Magnusson – would be a happy man today if still alive.
Click here for their homepage: Kraum

3. Aurum – Bankastræti 4 – map

Aurum Concept Store is located at Bankastræti 4. The jewellery collection is designed by Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir. In 2011, Aurum Concept Store received the Njarðarskjöldur award for Best Tourist Shop of the Year. It is known for unusually high number of full jewellery collection by only one designer and its diverse windows design that has delighted many travelers over the years. Guðbjörg´s design is known for its irregular shapes, its inspiration by nature, finesses & balance and how light and feminine it is.

Click here for their homepage: Aurum

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