Adventures on the sea

When you visit Iceland the selection of tours is massive, both on land and sea. Here we are going to introduce you the magic the ocean has to offer and give you an idea for tours available.


Whale watching

The whale watching tours are always popular and it is truly magnificent to see the whales in their natural environment. Usually you can see them quite up close, either the boat approaches them slowly or the whales themselves get close to the boat. The viewing success rater is 90% and dolphins often show up as well.
You can go whale watching on the northern coast during summer but the tours run all year from the Old harbor in Reykjavík. There you can choose between the largest whale watching boat in Iceland, Andrea, or a fast luxurious boat (so-called whale watching express). The types of whales you can expect to see include Mink whale, Gun whale and Humpback whale. Whale watching is an adventure for everyone and in summer you might see puffins as well!


Sea Angling

Sea angling adventures are offered from the beginning of May until the end of August. Each tour is 2.5- 3 hours long and departure is from the Old harbor in Reykjavík in the afternoon. All necessary equipment is on board. After having enjoyed the view of Reykjavik and Mt. Esja and caught fish, and sometimes we spot whales as well on the tour, the tour guides will BBQ the fish you caught. The most common fish caught is cod and halibut. So, on your way back to the harbor you enjoy a lovely meal and view. This is a tour all age groups enjoy and we can easily recommend.


Northern lights by boat

There are several tours offered for northern lights hunting. One option, not too many know about and is a hidden gem, is northern lights hunt by boat. The boat departs from the Old Harbor in Reykjavík and you sail out to Faxaflói bay. There you have a lovely panoramic view of the capital, Reykjavik, but you are also far away from the city lights. That means that you can enjoy the northern lights out in the sea where it is pitch dark but with the city lights as a background. Now, how amazing is that!



The puffin is truly a unique bird that is fun to watch and explore. On many of the boat tours during summer you also see puffins. You can read more about puffins here. All ages love and enjoy to see this little but lovely and beautiful bird flying around and nesting.