Whale Watching Andrea

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Come aboard and join the biggest whale watching boat in Iceland with Whale Watching Andrea Tour. Educational and fantastic inside and outside. With plenty of space for everyone, café and even a souvenir shop on board!

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We will begin our Whale Watching Andrea adventure at the Reykjavik Old Harbour. It can be reached just few minutes from the city center so you won’t miss it. Whale Watching Andrea boat offers great comfort, a fantastic interior, large outside viewing decks and a safe family environment.

As the vessel departs Reykjavik Old harbor, one of our highly trained tour guide will give an “educational and interactive” focus about the whales we may see, their behavior and some of the other marine life common to the area. Posters, interactive tools and other materials are used to further illustrate the various whale species, behaviors and interesting facts on the biology and geology of the area. You can get to feel objects such as baleen plates, whale teeth and whale bones. These bring a new level of understanding to many of our first time passengers of how these magnificent animals adapt and survive. The ocean will come to life in front of us as you will learn about each specimens that will be shown from our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides and these experience makes our Whale Watching Andrea tour a one of a kind tour.

The tour guide along with our friendly captain will point out where you will be able to spot the whales that are mentioned.

One of our favorite whales sighted throughout the year is the Mink Whale. Our tour guides conduct researches on the whales seen, photographing each whale to be identified and studied every now and then. Once the research is completed,it is being put into our database and openly shared with other interested scientists, as well as those naturalist including schools and organizations and of course to all of our interested passengers just like yourself. Mink whales are not the only species sighted. Some of the others are Harbor Porporise, White-beaked Dolphin and Humpback Whale. The fun thing is that we may even stop to see a fish or two. The Arctic ocean is a rich environment that attracts and supports both residents and transient marine life.

Unlike many other whale watching tours that are often offered here in Iceland, our trips offers a wide spectrum of educational tools that go beyond the “average whale watch”. The tours offered are well designed to enhance our awareness of whales, as well as the other marine life and the marine habitat that surrounds Iceland. Our goal is for you to depart our boats with a greater understanding and appreciation of the Icelandic marine sanctuary and the abundance of life it supports. We make each trip fun and educational for everyone at all ages and excellent for bigger groups and families! So get aboard and let the fun begin. Join our Whale Watching Andrea.