Best Place to See Northern Lights

Best Places to View Northern Lights

Below you will find information on some great places in Iceland for viewing the northern lights. These are not only great places to see the lights but also feature many activities and natural sights. When planning a trip to Iceland it’s important to research what kind of things you would like to do and the places to see. The northern lights can only be seen in the winter, when it’s completely dark with clear skies. There are many nights where visibility is low so make sure you have other items on your bucket list and take in as much of the country as you can. The northern lights are a natural phenomenon, so a bonus to your trip.

Hotel Rangá – the best place to see Northern Lights

Hotel Rangá is one of the most renowned hotels in Iceland for seeing the northern lights. It was the first hotel in the country to offer a northern lights wakeup call service to its guests so they could pull their parkas over their pyjamas if the Aurora made an appearance. In addition to their comfortable and luxurious rooms, the location on the south coast is in close proximity to natural wonders like Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, the Reynisfjara black sand beach and basalt columns, and the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Hotel Rangá makes for a great place to see the beautiful dancing northern lights.

Hotel Glymur with its amazing village suites

Hotel Glymur is a friendly hotel with a beautiful village suites. It’s located in majestic Hvalfjörður (“Whale Fjord”) just north-west of Reykjavík, and has breathtaking scenery. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and a great restaurant that offers everything a hungry stomach needs. The six village suites are uniquely designed villas, each with an open-concept kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, leather sofas, large screen TV, dining table, amazing art pieces and can cater for 4-6 people. With its remote natural location, it’s a fantastic place to see the northern lights without going too far from the city.

Hotel Gullfoss – next to the famous waterfall

Hotel Gullfoss is located right in the heart of the Golden Circle, next to the amazing and famous Gullfoss (“Golden Falls”) waterfall. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland—and even the whole world!—it is stunning to see all year round. When the sun is shining on it, there is often a golden rainbow over it that gives the falls their name. During the winter a stay at the hotel is truly magical, with no urban lights around one can walk out into the darkness, or lounge in a hot tub, and gaze at the starry sky and watch the northern lights dance totally undisturbed. You can even get great photos of the lights dancing over the waterfall, capturing two of Iceland’s most famous sights together.

Great hot tubs for Northern Lights viewing

With less than 100 inhabitants, Drangsnes is the ultimate spot for seclusion and solitude for viewing the lights. You can lay in the seaside hot tubs waiting for the auroras to show up over the tiny fishing village, indulge your inner nature-lover by exploring the surrounding area, and go mingle with the locals at the Malarhorn café. When the northern lights do come out here, there isn’t anything or anyone to disturb your enjoyment.

Breathtaking show at Hotel Ranga

Breathtaking show at Hotel Ranga

This great video shows us how the northern lights can been seen at the four star luxury resort Hotel Ranga in south Iceland. The amazing resort and dining hotel has been known for being the first hotel in Iceland offering a northern lights wake up service. It has become its trademark and of course for being a excellent location to actually see the northern lights.

Hotel Ranga book your room
Hotel Ranga Hotel Ranga Hotel Ranga Hotel Ranga

Why is Hotel Ranga such a great place to see the northern lights

For seeing the aurora borealis it is important to have no light pollution in the winter time. Hotel Ranga is located in a rural area in south Iceland. This means there is optimal conditions at the hotel to see the dancing lights at night. There is of course never any guarantee of seeing the northern lights, but if you stay couple of nights we have figured out there is fairly good change of experiencing this lovey phenomenon.

Special northern lights wake-up call service at Hotel Ranga

When you arrive at the hotel the staff asks you if you would like to have the special service of receiving a wake-up call if the northern lights appear. The staff is on the lookout for the lights in the evening and into the night. In addition the hotel supplies some helpful, guiding information about the Aurora for those interested in knowing more. Just dont forget warm clothes for your northern lights viewing as the winter nights can be cold in Iceland.

Discover the magic of Christmas in Iceland

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Discover the magic of Christmas in Iceland

See with your own eyes why CNN travel voted Reykjavik as the Top Christmas Holiday Destination. A package provided by Iceland Travel

Discover the magic of Christmas in Iceland and learn about new and old Icelandic Christmas traditions with Iceland Travel. It is a season when short days are brightened by snow and every house is decorated by all types of Chistmas ornaments and lights. It is a traditions people decorate their homes and have some very nice garlands in windows. Your hotel Icelandair Hotel Natura will be beautifully decorated too. The hotel will be visited by the 13 Santa brothers, the Icelandic Yuletide Lads.

christmas in iceland
Northern lights holidays in Iceland

The 5 days itinerary

Day 1 Arrival.

Overnight in Reykjavík

Day 2. Christmas in Iceland: "The Mass of St Þorlákur", Dec. 23rd

In Iceland Thorláksmessa is part of Christmas. Most people use the day to finish decorating the home and the Christmas tree. In the evening people go out to Laugavegur and finish buying Christmas presents. Another tradition is to eat the putrefied skate with potatoes, but for many foreigners it is a challenge!

Day 3. Christmas Eve Day, Dec 24th

You will do a escorted morning hike with myth and mysteries expert through the woods of Öskjuhlið. You will learn about the secrets of the Icelandic folklore with all its elves, monsters and trolls stories. When you walk through the little forest small surprises will await you here and there! You will receive a little Christmas gift as a remembrance of this little journey. In the evening you will be having a festive Icelandic style Christmas buffet a la Satt Restaurant

Day 4. Christmas Day, Dec 25th.

Today we suggest you see some of Iceland main attraction, such as going for the Golden Circle or bathing in the Blue Lagoon. In the evening you will enjoy a Christmas buffet a la Satt Restaurant.

Day 5. Departure.

Today you will be departing from Keflavik Airport after some great Christmas in Iceland.

What Causes The Northern Lights

Great Institute of Physics video on what causes the Northern Lights

Quick summary on what causes the northern lights

What causes the northern lightsThe Northern lights happen after collisions between charged particles released from the sun and gaseous particles in the Earth´s atmosphere. The color variations are due to what type of particles are colliding. Most often it is yellowish green produced by oxygen molecules located around 55 miles above earth. However we can sometimes see redish lights that are produced by high-altitude oxygen, at the heights of up to 150 miles. We also have nitrogen that produces blue or purple-red northern lights.

Since 1880 scientists have been suspecting the connection between the northern lights and the solar activity. In 1950 a research was conducted showing how the electrons and protons from solar activities are blown towards the earth in something called “solar wind”. The surface of the sun is millions of degrees on Celsius. At this temperature, gas molecules collide frequently and explode. By the rotation of the sun these free electrons and protons are thrown from the sun towards the earth by the solar wind. Then they are largely deflected when they hit the earth´s magnetic field.

The earth´s magnetic field is weaker at either the southern or northern pole and hence the particles enter the earth´s atmosphere and collide with the particles at the north or south poles. These collisions emit the dancing lights we know as Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Most often the dancing happens at the height of 50-60 miles, but can go as high as 400-450 miles above the earth´s surface.

The best time to see the northern lights are normally in the winter time. The long periods of darkness and often the clear nights provide us with many opportunities to watching the northern lights dancing in the sky. Research has also shown that auroral activity is cyclic, and peaking every 11 years. Next peak is going to be around 2013. Hope this has helped you understand better what causes the northern lights and it will be a good start for your Iceland holidays.

6 days self drive idea to Myvatn Nature Baths

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6 days self drive idea to Myvatn

A 6 days self-drive idea including Hofsos, Myvatn and northern lights hunt close to the Arctic Circle

This idea is for people wanting to combine bathing in Myvatn Nature Baths in North Iceland and do some self driving close to the Arctic Circle, including the well known Hofsos swimmingpool.



Day 1 - Arrival in Keflavik, Iceland

Arrival at Keflavik airport. Pick up your rental car at Thrifty. The first stop is Blue Lagoon. It is refreshing to jump into the Blue Lagoon just after your flight. It takes some 15 min to drive to Blue Lagoon from Keflavik Airport. From Blue Lagoon it should take some 30 min to get to Reykjavik. We recommend Center hotel Thingholt - a great hotel to stay at in Reykjavik. Very central and close to everything - shopping streets, nightlife or restaurants. In the evening we recommend you to do a guided northern lights tour with e.g. Arctic Adventures.

Day 2 - Hvalfjörður, Ferstikla, Borgarnes, Snæfellsnes

You start your travel in Reykjavik, drive through the small town Mosfellsbær - just continue until you reach the fjord Hvalfjörður. When you reach Hvalfjörður turn righ onto road no. 47 because we are going to drive through the beautiful Hvalfjörður - not through the tunnel as most people do. It is a very picturesque fjord and the main beauty if how quite area it is. It is around 30 km long. You can see a former whale station in the fjord but it was closed around 1992 - it is however used couple of days each year for some research fishing of whales. Driving further you will soon find the service station Ferstikla and it has a great photo exhibition about a submarine station situation in Hvalfjördur during the World War II. After you have looked at the photo exhibition at Ferstikla you turn right onto road nr 520. You will now drive all the way to Hotel Budir located on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. A great location to see exceptional nature in Iceland - both great beaches, mountains and a glacier. We suggest you to stay at Hotel Budir overnight and go out in the evening for a hike and search for the northern lights.

Day 3 - Drive to Myvatn and enjoy its nature baths and surrounding

Today you will first drive to Hofsos swimming pool - a great location with view over Skagafjördur. A place not to miss. Then you will head all the way to Myvatn. We recommend you to stay at Sel-Hotel Myvatn. A nice hotel with good service. The rest of they day you will enjoy the great nature bath they have, have some dinner at the hotel and then go out in the night searching for the northern lights. It is best to wait until 10pm and then simply go out for a walk - however ask the people in the reception about the likelihood of seeing the northern lights before you head out for a search.

Day 4 - Akureyri - capital of the north and Dalvik

Today you will drive in the morning to Akureyri from Myvatn. We recommend Icelandair Hotel Akureyri. When you have checked in we suggest you drive out to Dalvik a small fishing village north of Akureyri. A small village in a beautiful fjord. It is a option but you could go for a whale watching with a local tour. Drive back to Akureyri and enjoy staying in Akureyri with some great restaurants. In the evening go for the northern light hunt, but drive out of the city so you dont have any light pollution.

Day 5 - Driving back to Reykjavik

It will take you some 6-8 hours to drive back to Reykjavik from Akureyri, so we recommend you to go early in the morning so you will have some time to spend in Reykjavik in the evening. We would recommend Sjavargrillid as nice fish restaurant in the evening. In case you have been very unlucky and never seen the northern lights in the last 4 days we recommend a guided northern lights tour with e.g. Arctic Adventures.

Day 6 - Departure

Head out to the Keflavik airport and if you have some extra time go for the Blue Lagoon again as it is very relaxing before going into a long flight.

Photo credit: Flickr - big-ashb, Ophelia, Julien Carnot, JasonParis, Andrea Schaffer, Olafur Larsen

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4 days self drive idea : Golden Circle & more

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Golden Circle & Snæfellsjökull glacier

4 days self-drive idea including Golden Circle, Snæfellsjökul glacier and northern lights hunt in the evening

This idea is for people wanting to combine a classic tour to Geysir and Gullfoss with a one day trip to Snaefellsjokull glacier - and a northern lights hunt in the evenings. You will need to rent a car in day two for driving the Golden Circle and then the day after to Snæfellsjökull glacier.

Iceland self drive tours


Day 1 - Arrival in Keflavik, Iceland

Arrival at Keflavik airport. Simply pick up the next Flybus and get over to Reykjavik. It is around 45 min ride on the bus and they normally drive you all the way to the hotel you stay at. We recommend Kex hostel if you want to stay cheap, but Hotel 101 if you want more class. In between Centrum Hotel might be a good choose. In the evening you could e.g. pick up this northern light tour in the evening with Arctic Adventure.

Day 2 - Golden Circle trip

Begin your day with picking up your car rental. You can do that at BSI. Today is a day for the Golden Circle tour. Visiting Thingvellir National Park and then head to Lyngdalsheidi on our way to Geyser hot spring area. See all the hot spring, photograph Strokkur and check out Fullsterkur - some interesting stones to lift close to Strokkur. Go to the Geysir shop and shop some Icelandic knit "lopapeysur". Drive to Haukadalur - a small forrest close by and check out the small country style church. Great area. Drive to Gullfoss waterfall now. Get close to the waterfall and experience the spray from the waterfall in your face. Shoot some photographs and head up to the restaurant next the waterfall. The Icelandic meatsoup is the best choice on the menu. Head back to Reykjavik now - but stop at Kerið on our way home. Kerið is a dormant volcano close to Selfoss. Arrive in Reykjavik close to 19:00 should be possible. Go for some nice restaurant in the evening e.g. Sjavargrillid before driving out of Reykjavik around 9pm to hunt for the northern lights. It depends on weather condition where to head and best to ask the hotel personnel for direction.

Day 3 - Snæfellsjokull glacier and Hotel Budir

Driving to Snæfellsjokull today with some stop-over at Landsnamssetrið (The Settlement Centre). It is in the village of Borgarnes just one hour drive from Reykjavik on road no 1 towards the north (and Snæfellsnesjokull). In the centre we recommend The Egils Saga Exhibition. We head now towards Snæfellsjokull with some stop at Lysuholl swimmingpool. After hiking a bit around Snæfellsjokull glacier we head to Hotel Budir that is a nice country style hotel at Snæfellsnes. We stay here for one night. Great place for hiking and seeing the nature in Iceland. Especially hunting for the northern lights in the evening.

Day 4 - Departure day

Today is your departure day so just wake up, pack your things and drive to Keflavik airport. This is of course only possible if your flight leaves late in the day - and if time allows, go to the Blue Lagoon and relax before you fly back home.

Photo credit: Flickr - AlexKr, Arian Zwegers, Ophelia, Matito, Jeremy Vandel, Yellow book

What Are The Northern Lights?

Great video from NASA on the northern lights and what they are about

Before we dive into understanding “what are the northern lights” it is important to point out a couple of facts about the space surrounding our Earth. These are mainly things we can´t see with our eyes. One of these things are the air we breath. It is in fact a mixture of several gases – mainly nitrogen and oxygen, but with some traces of hydrogen, helium and some other minor compounds.

What are the northern lights?: The earth as a field of magnet

Another thing we can´t see is the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth. In similar manner as if you have played with a bar magnet and iron filing you have seen how it forms the curved patterns in the magnetic field. The magnet is actually deep in the core of the Earth. As we cant see the magnetic field we normally represent it by drawing lines. Lines that go into and out of the Earth where the poles are. When the lines area closer the field is stronger.

The particles

One more thing that is invisible is the charged particles called plasma. It is in fact a space around the Earth. These particles move in a special way – and are in fact guided by the field as if they were wires. They are the “ammunition” of an aurora.

Powered by the sun

The very quick answer to how the northern lights happen is that electrically charges particles move along the field lines, all the way up to the upper atmosphere, where they collide with gas atoms – and this causes them to give off some light. This all is powered by what is called solar wind, coming from the sun.

Northern Lights Forecast for Iceland

One Stop Northern Lights Forecast

The Northern Lights season runs from 1st September, through winter, until 15th April, typically. 

To see the Northern Lights with your naked eye, you need: 

  1. Darkness (winter only)
  2. Clear skies (no clouds)
  3. Aurora activity (Northern Lights)

Todays Cloud Coverage and Satellite Images of the Aurora

Here’s How To Read The Map

The map is updated daily and gives you an indication of Northern Lights viewing. It’s a little confusing as the green colour is very similar to the colour of the actual Northern Lights but in fact the map shows green as cloud coverage and white as clear skies. The white areas are where you need to head for.

On the map you can see areas of white, light green and dark green. The white colour in the forecast means no clouds, so clear sky. This is ideal as you need to have a clear sky to see the Northern Lights. The light green means partly cloudy and dark green means very cloudy so a low chance for sightings as the visibility is low.

Basically if you can see the stars, then you have a chance of seeing the lights.

Why Does Cloud Coverage Matter?

The reason why we want to have the areas without clouds (or light clouds) is because it is impossible to see the lights when the sky is covered with clouds. When it is partly cloudy (light green areas) you still have a chance seeing the lights by finding a gap in the clouds.

How Often in the Map Updated?

The forecast is updated around 6pm daily so it’s best to keep a close eye on the forecast before heading out on your hunt.

For more information on viewing the Northern Lights in winter time, please read this article.

How are the Lights Monitored and Expressed?

Satellites are the main tool for observing and monitoring the sun and particle fluxes heading for Earth. Without these it would be difficult to create a reliable Northern Lights forecast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin of the USA (NOAA) operates a couple of these, both covering the rear and the front of the Sun. The satellites both generate images and have sensors for observing particle fluxes from the sun. By using these observations we are able to create a Northern Lights forecasts based on numerical simulations and forecast models.

4 Days Self-Drive Idea to the Highlands, Golden Circle and Reykjanes Peninsula

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4 Days Self-Drive Idea to the Highlands, Golden Circle and Reykjanes Peninsula

Combine adventure and relaxation in this 4-day self drive trip to the Highlands, Golden Circle and Reykjanes Peninsula.

If you are up for an adventure but don’t want to go extreme and still need room for relaxation, this 4-day self drive idea with a rental car from Thrifty is the right one for you. You not only stay in a luxurious hotel called the Hotel Highland, but you also get to explore the Gullfoss-Geysir area where you can do some snorkeling or other outdoor activities. For some relaxation, you can go to the Blue Lagoon that will leave you energized and educated. Plus, of course, you will have the chance to get a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights.

South Iceland


Day 1 – Arrival in Keflavik, Iceland and Check-In in Hotel Highland

seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: mckaysavage

Depending on your flight, you can arrive in Keflavik Airport at around late afternoon (4 or 5pm) to do the necessary things needed for your 4-day vacation. The first thing to do is get your rental car in Thrifty and do the drive to Hotel Highland in the interior of the Icelandic Highlands. Once checked in, you can unpack, eat dinner and lounge at the hotel restaurant that serves gourmet food made from the purest and finest local ingredients prepared by international chefs. Then, you can just relax for the rest of the night by exploring its surroundings or---given the chance---have a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Here is the map for Day 1.

Day 2 - Gullfoss – Geysir Tour and Snorkeling

You can leave the Hotel Highland early in the morning since it will take almost three hours to get to Gullfoss (Golden Falls), the undisputed queen of Icelandic waterfalls located in the canyon of the Hvita river. Once there, you can ask Reykjavik Excursions to take you to the Gullfoss-Geysir tour. This amazing tourist destination is very famous because the water rushes down the three steps of lava layers with breathtaking power and splendor. The flow of the water and how it “vanishes” in the crevice that is obscured from view is one of the things that makes it magnificent and will leave you at awe. After touring this, you will have the opportunity to taste and feast in the traditional Icelandic meat soup and lunch of the Gullfoss café.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: JasonParis

The next part of the tour is the geothermal area of Geysir , which is known to be The Great Geysir. It is known to sprout boiling water of various formations that goes up to 70 meters in the air and the ground gurgles and bubbles. There are also various hot springs in the vicinity and you can try for relaxation before you snorkel in the Silfra fissure.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: big-ashb

Before the day ends, it is good to visit Thingvellir, which is home to Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland. It is one of the best parts to do for this day because it is relaxing and exotic at the same time. Dividing is also an option here and if you have diving equipment, you can dive into The Silfra fissure---one of Iceland’s best-kept secrets because it combines crystal clear waters and blissful shades of blue. The best part here is you don’t have to be stressed while diving as you will feel weightless as you float your way into the lazy and peaceful current.
The day ends by going back to Hotel Highland and having your dinner in their restaurant and bar. Lounge a bit and prepare for the next day tour before going to sleep. Below is the map of Day 2:

Day 3 - Reykjanes and Blue Lagoon

This day is about touring simple yet interesting attractions. You can check out from Hotel Highland and start driving towards Reykjanes, a peninsula and volcanic system, and start explore at 2-3 attractions. We would suggest The Leif the Lucky Bridge near Grindavik that is known as the boundary mark of the Eurasian and North American continental tectonic plates. You can also visit fishing towns such as Grindavik and eat at a great restaurant or just explore the town.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: rwhgould

After the touring and being out in the sun the past days, it is time to relax and be energized by going to the Blue Lagoon. You can get water massages and beauty treatments or have a day tour with the establishment. Either way, you can spend the rest of the remaining day here so you can feel energized and serene. There are various services to choose from in Blue Lagoon that will match your preferences and tastes.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Stephen_AU

Once done rejuvenating, you can drive to Hotel Northernlights Inn and check in so you can double check your stuff before leaving Iceland the next day. Here is the map for Day 3:

Day 4 - Day 4 – Departure from Iceland

Once done with you last-minute preparations, you can drop off your rental car in Thrifty and go to the Keflavik Airport for your departure. Hope you had a wonderful vacation here in Iceland. Below is a map of Day 4:

Cosy country side hotel

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Northern lights searching at a country hotel

Search for the northern lights and explore the spectacular attractions of South Iceland on this 3-day tour at a charming country hotel with Icelandic Farm Holidays

This tour is ideal for those looking for a short break which combines city life, a stay at a beautiful country hotel and a northern lights hunt. The tour is based at Country Hotel Anna, a small and charming family-run hotel located near many of Iceland‘s most stunning sites. The tour includes a rental car for 3 days, accommodation in Reykjavik and at Country Hotel Anna in South Iceland, two dinners and an escorted evening northern lights tour. View more information about Country Hotel Anna including photos and video here.

northern lights hotel


Day 1: Iceland arrival, staying in Reykjavik

Arrive at Keflavik airport and take the Flybus to your hotel/guesthouse in Reykjavik. In Reykjavik you will find many excellent restaurants, downtown design shops, great nightlife and a vibrant cultural scene.

Day 2: Drive to the South Coast

You will pick-up your rental car in the morning. Drive south and visit the precious natural attractions of the “Golden Circle“, such as Thingvellir national park, Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area in addition to the beautiful Seljalandsfoss waterfall. In the evening you will enjoy staying at the charming and romantic Country Hotel Anna. The hotel is located in the beautiful area of Skogar, where you will be staying for the next two nights. In the evening you will hopefully see the northern lights dance in the sky.

Day 3: The South East and northern lights tour

Today you should head for the amazing Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, view the birdlife at Dyrholaey, explore Skogarfoss waterfall, Skaftafell National Park and Kirkjubæjarklaustur. When you are back at the hotel a delicious evening dinner will be waiting for you – just before you head out on a 3-hours guided evening tour with northern lights searching and exploration of the area.



On this tour you can combine a city experience in Reykjavik with a stay in the beautiful countryside of South Iceland, in only 3 days. By staying in the countryside you increase your chances of viewing the mystical northern lights. You also get to explore some of Iceland‘s most precious attractions in a landscape of black sands, glacier lagoons, waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes - including the world famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano!

Going to Iceland

Northern light in Iceland. Shot on various locations - beautiful scenery and amazing work done. Takes a lot of patience to shoot this.

See them in Reykjavik, Iceland

See northern lights in Reykjavik, Iceland. Time-lapse shot made during a night in winter wonderland Iceland.

See the northern lights tonight !

See the northern lights tonight at Grundarfjordur, Iceland. Short but beautiful shot of the northern lights in Iceland.

Breathtaking show of borealis and beautiful scenery in Iceland

Breathtaking show of borealis and beautiful scenery in Iceland. Amazing photographs in this video. Not only northern lights but also more nature scenery from Iceland.

Auroras Borealis in Iceland

Beautiful Auroras Borealis shots in Iceland. Shot close to Hotel Ranga, near Hella in south Iceland.

Northern lights holidays in Iceland

Amazing northern lights holidays in Iceland. It is a real Aurora borealis feast of time lapse photography.

Northern lights in iceland

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Northern lights in Iceland, Westfjords

Enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities while you wait for the northern lights in Iceland in a stunning setting in the Westfjords, with Icelandic Farm Holidays.

This fantastic 5-day tour with Icelandic Farm Holidays is for travellers who want to escape from a busy city life to relax and enjoy nature at its best. The tour is based at Heydalur, a country hotel in a beautiful valley inside Mjóifjörður fjord in northwest Iceland.

The tour includes return transfer from Reykjavik to Heydalur, 4 night‘s accommodation at Heydalur, a guided fishing tour by snowmobile or jeep, an excursion around the beautiful Heydalur Valley and a choice between an excursion to Ísafjörður town or activities such as kayaking and horse riding. In the evenings you can enjoy freshly prepared local food in the converted barn and afterwards bathe in a natural hot spring pool and wait for the magical northern lights to appear.

View more information about Heydalur including photos and video here

Northern lights in Iceland
Northern lights tours Iceland Iceland northern lights tour Northern lights in Iceland Hotel Ranga

What is unique about this tour?

Because of the impossibility to know exactly when the northern lights in Iceland will show up, it is a good idea to plan your trip to a place where many other activities are on offer. At Heydalur there is so much you can do and the remote location far up north maximises your chances of seeing the northern lights. The Westfjords are the most rugged part of Iceland, offering breathtaking scenery including steep fjords, mountains, bird cliffs, waterfalls, beaches and natural hot springs perfect for bathing.

Tour to the Arctic Circle

Northern lights on the Arctic Circle

Stay at a Icelandic farm, Bjarnargil, far in the north Iceland & enjoy hiking to nearby mountains, try out the amazing out-door swimming pool at Hofsos and so much more

Staying at Bjarnargil - a farm accomodation offered by Farm Holidays - is a great selection if you want to experience the northern part of Iceland and the infamous Skagafjörður with beautiful mountain surrounding while you wait for the Iceland northern lights to show up. Close to Bjarnargil in Fljótum we have the out-door swimming pool in Hofsos a well known for its amazing view. See here.

Iceland northern lights

What is great with this location for your northern lights tour?

Staying outside of the main cities e.g. Reykjavik while waiting for the northern lights to show up is wise because you dont need to worry about any light pollution. In Bjarnargil, Fljotum, you dont need to worry about any light pollution at all and you can easily walk up to some of the mountains to have a better view. In case they don´t show up for some days then you have many activities in Skagafjordur to enjoy, from horse riding, laying in the swimming pool at Hofsos, take a quick tour to the closest fishing villages - just to name few activities you could do. Below you see some photos from Bjarnargil and surrounding.

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